Blitz Hannya Postless RDA, Ya Gotta See This!

Guys, Gals, ya just gotta check out this RDA I just saw. It’s made by Blitz and called the Hannya Postless RDA. It is authentic. Here’s a Vid on build and a review. Take a look see…

This appears to be the way of the future for the RDA…


I remember seeing this design on the Pi2 Haus of Zombi RDA. Nice looking and I appreciate the innovation, but I’m not sure I would buy one. I could really see myself over dripping and not sure what all that juice sitting in the mounting holes would do. I would also worry about a burnt leg and gravity causing a short. My OCD would go into overdrive (but that’s just me). Bet it would look nice on a display shelf though. The Haus of Zombi model is beautiful.


Hmmmmm? I’m with you on this one. :wink: Liquid is a conductor of electricity; not a good one, mind you, but still…

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I have a Pi2 clone on order so when it arrives I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m terrible for over dripping an RDA with a 6mm juice well so we’ll see lol.


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Maybe something to think about however let me ask you this. How often do we wick and the wicking is literally touching both legs of the coil and this coil is totally saturated with liquid. As @Jimk says water is a conductor of electricity. I am starting to think that our EJuice is not a very good conductor otherwise we would already be having some real concerns even in units like the little ego style units. I’m thinking as long as the terminals are either under liquid, or cleaned when not in use, that all will be ok. My opinion of course…

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really looking forward to the review. I’d really like one but want to make sure it would be practical for me.

True. I’ll wait until one of you all review it. I trust you all more than anyone on youtube.


Ya got a point there. :wink: I really can’t see these guys booting out something that’s gonna cause issues down the road. I’m sure they’ve done the R&D on this thing.

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I doubt it would be a source of leaks as the allen screws plugs the holes. But as for juice sitting in those holes, I don’t think that would be a problem if the thing is used frequently. But that said I think this is cool and unique, but I’m not really convinced that the design lends itself to better or more efficient vaping. Just my opinion, but one of the things that adds stability and safety to sub-ohm vaping on a RDA is keeping the legs of your coils short. Doing that on this dripper puts the coils really close to the deck, which seems it would result in less vapor and flavor and way more heating of the deck. Conduction can be a bitch.


Hard to say, you just may be correct there. This is one thing that we would have to literally try this RDA to know. I will say this and I think we can all agree, this must be the absolute easiest RDA to build on in this industry. Absolutely nothing in your way when building this thing. No bending the wire in 100 direction trying to get the coil in place. I have a feeling we’re gonna see many RDAs go this direction. Obvious some will be better than others but I feel this design will indeed be perfected…

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Ehhhhhh… Nope, I wouldn’t buy it for five bucks, since the Allen screws plug the holes it (hopefully) won’t leak all over the bloody place, but the coils being that low to the deck isn’t my cup of tea, and a lot of reviews say it’s just meh typical, not great clouds or flavor… I do appreciate the innovation though, it’s a decent idea, but I really think the future of RDAS is going to be dominated by the velocity type 2 post. Super easy to build on, allows for vertical and horizontal, super deep juice well, and even makes quads easy. back to the drawing board with the Hannya

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Just saying ive had alot of expierence with rdas and to think the juice would go through the holes and causing a short is idiotic, for one the holes dont go to the battery in anyway and on another note rdas are ment for juice and sure juice might be conductive but unless your a slob and cant drip properly im pretty sure theres nothing to worry about. The rda is a pretty great one for airflow, taste, and clouds just as any really could be… Maybe some of you just need to learn how to build decent coils after all thats the purpose of this rda… Its for builders not recommended for guys buying there coils premade… Nuff said this is an awesome product.


Well now, speaking for myself only I love a good tutor. Perhaps you could honor us all with some tutorials on coil building. Just start a thread, take some pics or make a youtube and post it. I’ll be glued to my screen.


I was going to ask for he same thing. I bet there are some awesome builds to view.

Wow, this is one of the nastiest threads I’ve seen on ELR. I think the reason you don’t need to worry about shorting your coils is because most of us are damned near to shorting anyway. I’m running this RDA at 0.47Ohms on a noisy cricket, my first ever build with Rayon. On TC I build below 0.1Ohms, and that IS a short, fellers.

The juice capacity is lower than even the tiny mutation x S. I like the height this RDA gives you over the NC button. The only difficulty building is you must mind your leg lengths. . .and there is not much room to put your wicks on the deck unless you want to block your airflow.

So I dunno here guys. I like the way it rides on the cricket, but it has no juice capacity and no place to put your wicks. An unfair comparison is to the Mutation x S twisted-Ti/hemp/TC. . .and that blows this RDA way out of the water. That said, I am going to keep playing with this, if for no other reason than comparing hemp to rayon. I was getting a lot of dry hits originally and was like “wow, rayon sucks” but the real problem was I forgot I was working with kanthal and never dry-fired to work out the kinks.

During the subsequent dry-firing the juice in the Wells literally caught fire! I mean its 0.5Ohms on a cricket, so it went yellow-red hot in way less than a second. . .just a note. I can’t see it mattering unless you do what I did and get massive coughing dry hits.

Rayon: snug, but not tight in the coil…you can lean more towards loose before you decide to go tight…and fray the tails a bit before you tuck them sumbitches

The dry hits were all kanthal hot spots, she’s wicking great now. . .not a fair comparison of a $20 mech mod to a $160 DNA though.

I just finished putting some Kendo Gold in the Cthulu V2 and it is chucking clouds. Still has break in flavor, but once again I forgot to wash my paws. Dammit!

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