Blond tobacco

Hello everyone. What brand would you suggest for a blond tobacco flavour?
I am looking forward for your response!

Ask @Skullblade789 he’s a tobacco vapor

The term “blond tobacco” is a misnomer. There’s really no such thing. Whoever is steering you towards that tobacco should be using the term “flue cured”. Most flue cured tobacco is rather light in tobacco flavor because of the way it is cured; gently heated without direct exposure to the flame.

Many vendors carry a flue cured or cured synthetic tobacco concentrate.

Hangsens FC is not bad at all.

I’ve heard good and bad about Inaweras take on the FC.

Flavorahs Cured Tobacco is actually pretty good.

Flavorarts Virginia is nice as well.

Some takes on the flue cured tobaccos can have a floral note, so be prepared for that; it can take a while to steep that note out of a synthetic.

Good luck.


thanks a lot, I really appreciate your help.

Also a goid idea. Make your own. It will take time though. Got the website called “one leaf”. You can buy scraps or a quarter pound of tobacco for 5.99 and soak them in pg for 6 months. Then you have your own base. I am striving for that with pipe tobaccos. So far so good. I am pleased.