Blowing like crazy

Man the wind is blowing here, we have lost power 5 times in the last three and half hours. It’s blowing crazy hard

I’m not to far from you and it’s blowing like crazy here as well.

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where you at Dune?.

Are you sure it isn’t just gas?


Oh yeah it doesn’t have any offensive odor so it’s not me, besides I’d proudly claim it :wink:


I live in Fresno now but I went to school at Reedley High for a few years before we moved.

Well shit, we moved here from Fresno/clovis after I was put on disability. We bought a mobile home here. Do you frequent any B&M’s in fresno

Not anymore, but there are a few I used to frequent.

Sam over at Elite Vapor was always nice to work with as well as Satyr Vapor both top notch (well a few years ago anyway)

Yeah I know Woody and Jimmy at Satyr and Ryan at Fresno City. In fact my youngest son is married to Jimmy’s big sister

I agree Woody and the guys are top notch, my son still goes in there to pick up accessories.

Well we survived, and are still in the same place so that’s a good thing. Hey we should get together for coffee sometime when wifey and I are in the big city. we only come in three or four times a month but it’d be fun. I would say a beer or two but then I have to drive back to Reedley and between the beer and the meds I just don’t have the nerve to try it. lol

Can’t blame you there. When the weather warms ups a little more, we take the Harley our for rides in your area.

We had some vicious winds here in Los Angeles last night. Gusts of 70-80 mph. My condo felt like it was going to blow over. There are tree limbs all over the road this morning.

It was like 40-50 gusts up here. I grew up in Garden Grove (Orange County) and we would get the “Santa Ana” winds every year crazy stuff.

I keep expecting to hear about one of my neighbors roofs blowing off or their awning bowing away

Must be the whole mid to lower state. It about knocked me on my ass twice here in the desert. Didn’t completely lose power but it glitched enough that being on the internet or watching TV was a hassle.

ours went off four or five times, but I suspect that the last two were when they were switching people back onto the replaced transformers that ended up zapped due to high winds.

Funny related/unrelated story: I live near Palm Springs and there is a massive wind farm with huge windmills here. Somebody once told me that it wouldn’t be so windy if we didn’t have so many damn fans blowing. I thought they were joking, but sadly no, they were serious.