Bluberry base help

ive been working on trying to come up wih a blueberry base and im not getting any closer PLEASE HELP! Im looking for an in your face blueberry flavor (maybe its not possible) this is what i have to work with TPA blueberry wild, TPA blueberry extra, INW blueberry, FA bilberry. the latest recipe I tried was as follows
60Vg/40Pg 0 nic
Blueberry wild 8%
Blueberry extra 1%
INW blueberry .5%

These are the averages as mixerrs. It may be something you can try the tweak if needed.

[quote=“Bandmn, post:1, topic:48746”]
[/quote]Average mixing quantity: 1.5% (Median: 1%)[quote=“Bandmn, post:1, topic:48746”]
Blueberry extra 1%
[/quote]Average mixing quantity: 5.9% (Median: 5%)[quote=“Bandmn, post:1, topic:48746”]
INW blueberry .5%
[/quote]Average mixing quantity: 2.6% (Median: 2%)[quote=“Bandmn, post:1, topic:48746”]
Blueberry wild 8%
[/quote]Average mixing quantity: 5.8% (Median: 5.5%)

I’ll try that amongst my 5% flavor test I found that bilberry had a taste that I can’t really describe, blueberry extra kinda had a burnt grass taste and the inw blueberry had almost a hall’s coughdrop taste so that’s the reason I tried them at such low %'s

I don’t have BB base. I only suggested this because I thought it may help if you increase the flavors to their average mixer %. I hope it works out.[quote=“Bandmn, post:3, topic:48746”]
I’ll try that amongst my 5% flavor test
[/quote]Try not to limit yourself to a certain %. Sometimes it takes more or less. You just have find what’s satisfying for you.

Maybe try adding a little Blackcurrant to your recipe and see if that helps. Here is a recipe I supply my blueberry requests with…

Go Blue!

Ingredient %
Blackcurrant (FA) 1
Blueberry Extra (TPA) 3
Blueberry Wild (TPA) 5
Cream Cheese Icing (LA) 2
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) 4

Flavor total: 15%

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This is also my favorite Blueberry vape.

Thank you for your input I’ll try and see where it goes I appreciate any help for I am new at diy and have only followed recipes and haven’t ventured much outside that. I tried a few blueberry recipies and wasn’t real happy with the actual blueberry flavor (I’m looking for the blueberry equivalent of how in your face strawberry can be for example unicorn milk) so that’s why I’m looking to make a base flavor. Right now I’m mixing as a recipe then the program I use (juice calculator for the PC) gives the option to convert a recipe to a flavor base. My goal was to build a good recipe then convert to a base then just use that when I want a prominent blueberry flavor.

I was up the same boat, just couldn’t get a good blueberry taste. Until I got (fw) blueberry it’s great I mix it with blueberry wild and it’s perfect

I’ll be honest I love
Billberry FA. 2-4%. In simple recipies (like one or two other flavors) it hits that spot.

Yea I’ve never tried it that way I’m gonna give it a shot. I’ve never used it over .5 just basically to ascent other blueberries.

its hard for me to use bilberry at higher %'s due to (the only way I can describe it is) the musty aroma throws me off with it, it seems to get less with airing and steeping but never seems to fully go away.

3% Olive nation Blueberry
7% FW Blueberry
1% TFA blueberry extra
.5% VZ blueberry
.15 FA bilberry
The olive nation and FA billberry should be enough to steer the mix away from the candy blueberry towards a more natural blueberry.