Blue Ice (FW)

So I was out recently and someone was vaping this stuff with a touch of cinnamon and it was beautiful.
Does anyone have any experience with this flavour or a simple recipe that I could recreate?

I don’t have any experience with this flavor. It’s not super popular on ELR either, so information is a little scarce. If I had to guess at a recipe, I’d say something like Blue Ice (FW) @ 5% and either Cinnamon Ceylon (FA) or Rich Cinnamon (Flavorah) @ 1-2%. If it’s just a touch of cinnamon (bakery or candy?) I’d go with Ceylon at 1%. You could add something like marshmallow to give it a little sweetness.

It was definitely just a touch of cinnamon, to give it that extra sweetness. Do you think I could get away with using some cinnamon danish swirl? That’s all I have in the way of cinnamon at the minute…

I’ve not had it, but heard it’s good. I’d definitely give it a shot, though. Maybe something like 2%. The ELR median is 3.6 and the average is 3.8, but you’re not wanting it to really stand out so I’d stay under that. Maybe bump up the Blue Ice to something like 6-7%. I’m guessing the “Ice” in that flavor is coming from menthol or koolada. Depending on how ‘icy’ you want it to be, you could lower the Blue Ice and add a little blueberry.

Excellent, I am going to try just that tonight!

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Wait… what?

/me likes this

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I have it but don’t think I ever used it.

So I ended up scrapping the whole cinnamon idea…
I made a couple of mixes; one with just Blue Ice 10% 60/40. It was pretty good, nice fresh menthol inhale with a slight blueberry taste on the exhale. I think the blueberry is predominately an after taste in this liquid.

I also however made a mix of 12% Dragonfruit (TPA) and 3% Blue Ice. Right after the shake and vape this was beautiful!
Really nice dragonfruit flavour with a slightly fresh menthol/blueberry throat hit. I’ll link the recipe incase anyone wants to give it a try!

I’m going to try the cinnamon towards the weekend.

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