Blue raspberry cherry slush

I’m looking for a recipe if anyone has one for a blue raspberry cherry slush.
I have blue raspberry slush by osdiy.
And cherry Real flavors.
And a blue raspberry flavor west.
And koolada.
I’ve tried a couple combinations with no luck. I think I need some layering but idk what to add. That I know of there is no ejuice of this nature either one or the other. And advice would be greatly appreciated.


It will help a lot if folks can see the recipes you have created that missed the mark. Can you link your recipes, or at least write the %s you’ve tried?


What exactly didnt make your attempt turn out as hoped for. What is it that you are looking for that is missing out? Can you describe your previous outcomes and what makes you feel it didnt turn out as you hoped for? Giving some info on that might help us guide guide you in a direction that could lead to what you want/need.

Doesnt the blue raspberry pop as expected?


I had them wrote down on paper in my desk before I started my home addition and now I cant find them. Was basically wondering if anyone may have a recipe for it by chance.


Working on a few but not too much down the slush line and havent released yet. I have the Blue Raspberry Slush OSDIY too, and i honestly havent been impressed it is a bit too mute for me.

Anyway, if you have some hard candy that might help that blue raspberry pop, in case that is where the issue is.

I mixed this up a few days ago and having it as a morning vape now and it turned out very nice, but again not much of a slush and this one very candy:

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I recently made this

The supporting flavors do help pop the flavor.

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