Blueberry Muffin (Flavorah)

So I want to use Blueberry Muffin FLV in a cheesecake base I have, but I don’t see any info about it here other than the recommended percentages. I’d like to also use BB Extra and maybe Wild. Not sure if I should or at what percentages. Does anyone have some good experience with BB Muffin they can share? I just bought it the other day and haven’t used it or any other FLV flavors. Thanks!

I know I used it in a blueberry bake recipe and I think I liked it pretty well. It’s been awhile, though. I’d start kinda low. Maybe 1-2%, especially if you’re going to add other blueberries. I need to revisit this one and try it as a single. :slightly_smiling:

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If you’re on the Flavorah Blueberry Muffin flavor page, you have to click on the “>” to the right of “Recipes” to reveal them - there are 35 including one for a cheesecake recipe.


Hmmm… well no shit. When did the site start doing that? I usually see all the recipes and notes right off the bat without clicking anything. Thanks for the info. It seemed weird to me that there was nothing for BB Muffin as it doesn’t seem like an obscure flavor.

daath tinkered with the site yesterday apparently - I also got caught out this morning. :wink:
But now you can link directly to the recipes by adding #recipes to the end of a flavor url.

That’s cool. I like this a lot better. This way we won’t have to scroll through a potentially ridiculous number of notes to find the recipes.

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I just gotta say this site impresses me more and more as I use it. It’s got pretty much all the info and tools I would ever need… It could be a paid site and nobody would ask why.

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So here is what I added to the cheesecake base:

BB Muffin - 1.5%
BB Wild - 4%
BB Extra - 4%

It’s good, but I think it could be better. Does that look like a decent ratio? IDK… I’m thinking maybe take out Extra altogether since that and the muffin are sweet blueberry.

I usually mix BB Extra at 3% and BB Wild at 5%. So you aren’t far off from the normal use of those I don’t think. But adding the BB Muffin might be BB overload if that is what you are getting. Can you share the cheesecake base recipe?

Thanks. Yeah I think I’m getting BB overload. It’s got a too strong sugary sweetness which is prolly holding back a nice BB flavor. Here’s the cheesecake:

New York Cheesecake (CAP) - 6%
Graham Cracker Clear (TPA) - 2%
Sweet Cream (TPA) - 1%

I got the base idea from Enyawreklaw’s The Real Strawberry Cheesecake recipe. Changed the Sweet Cream brand, some percentages and took out the Suclarose.

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The Blueberry Muffin was pretty sweet last I used it. And I have never done a single flavor of the Wild and Extra. But I have a recipe with those that is very sweet. I would assume the Extra is the sweeter of the two. So maybe tone it down to 2% and the Wild to 3% and try a small sample. It should let you know right away if the combination is good or not.

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Sounds like a plan.

Hi I bought the blueberry muffin
It’s strong in recipes , so it needs lower persentage deff… In a recipe .
I did blueberry muffin by hics