Boba's Bounty?

I’ve been doing research into another recipe, and I keep reading about Boba’s Bounty, Just curious if it deserved the hype that its gotten. Wanted to see if a clone ever truly was found. :slight_smile: Did you try it back in the day? I was reading it underwent several phases where the original isn’t what is sold today.


I would expound on this topic, but my therapist says I’ll never get “better” if don’t stop responding to threads which have words like “bounty” or “bobas” associated with them. It could ruin my $6000 worth of therapy sessions and set me back a year or more in my recovery. :pensive:

…feel my left eye twitching a bit right now. :weary:


oh goodness, I cant find an adequate representation of what it once was. Was it that much of a white buffalo?

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Yes, I’m afraid BB is that white buffalo. Between BB and Gryphons Breath, those two juices were the eliquids that helped me finally kick the stinkies for good.

Stand by and I’ll drag up the link to the convo Ben w/ Alien Visions had on ECF about this subject.


It sounds great, Turkish Tobacco, Honey Graham, Smooth, chocolatey. Maybe one day … :expressionless:

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So I just caught this post while searching for bobas posts… Man I miss those juices. And trying to clone them. Haha. I guess I’ll just have to settle with Flavor 39 and Simian Slam to replace BB and GJ because to be honest, they are only a few small notes off. The flavor that came from steeping BB was epic though. Oh well…

watches from a distance, wiping tears away
Boba’s gone, and he’s not coming back,
Alien visions is gone…
So many threads, years lost

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pats on back

I know, I know… It will be ok though…

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No I am afraid not :frowning: If AV could not clone their own recipe…

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Those flavors do not even resemble the originals IMO. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: .

BB and GJ were my all time favorites to this day. If anyone can come close, I’d love to know about it… But, I agree, if AV couldn’t clone itself…

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To me they are very close, but lack that “shimmery”, “mysterious” “chameleon” quality of the one flavor that I suspect is the one flavor that they lost.

Read this before. Just reread it again. I am actually tearing up now. Shall we split the cost of therapy?


The Ben quote: “A supplier of a major flavoring in Boba’s stopped doing business so the recipe for the new flavors will be made of newer flavorings (translate that as ‘different flavorings’ but matching).

What Ben wouldn’t say or admit: The word is… that “one flavor” came from Lotte Chemcal shipped in from South Korea; coca leaf flavor extract. Big Coke had everything to do with the “cease and desist” order. Coca-Cola is the only company in the US “allowed” to use coca leaf extract in a product.

So… thank Big Coke for screwing things up for us and AV. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Makes perfect sense, I hate when the “BIG” companies have to dump on the little guy for no reason. Make action with no regard for what their selfish actions will have on small businesses or consumers. After I get done with my current project, I’m going to retackle Boba’s Mask. It was coming along quite well.

Maybe you can find some coca leaf extract on the Dark Net. :thinking:

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Here is a thought:

INW Dark for Pipe 3%
TPA Graham Cracker Clear 3%
TPA Dark Chocolate 1%
TPA Milk Chocolate 1%
TPA Caramel Original 1.5%
TPA Vanilla Swirl .5%

Just a thought.

Or try the same recipe and add:
Super Concentrates Black N’ Mile 2%

I like a challenge.

FEMA Number 2329
CAS 84775-48-4
CFR 21CFR182.2

The cas number will help you find it if you really want to get it I am sure it can be gotten. I have not done any research about it at all and don’t know if it is water sol or not but…

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Thanks for the tip… perhaps it will come in handy for someone in the future.

After I started wading in the NET pool, I found so many other options for tobacco enjoyment, I finally just stopped vaping B.B. entirely. I sat on a 100ml bottle of the original B.B. for well over a year and then sold it to a lucky individual. Hell, I still have a 75ml bottle of the original Gryphons Breath (12mg) in my stash (circa March 2015). I throw a bit of it in a dripper every now and then for old time sake… :pensive: