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See topic – what’cha reading? what do you have to say about it? Favourite bits, weaknesses, how to sell it to others?

I’m re-reading the Dresden Files, on book 11 literally right now, currently listening. James Martson is a fantastic audiobook reader. The books. . .I really suggest skipping the first two in the series, 90% of what I absolutely hate about the series is just the taint of those two absolutely shit, shit books. I only read them because I had them, and then it got okay at book 3, and good by book 6.

The author is not a good writer – but the world is interesting, and for all his unfathomable faults (misogyny, bullshit super-hero syndrome, overpowered power fantasy surrogate bullshit, sexual tension and perversion that comes from just not engaging sex as an adult until like book 10, martyrdom syndrome, and so on) The series is very, very flawed – because it’s pulp fiction, the precursor to television series. It has lots of problems, but it is also lots of fun.

Main character is a nerdy, powerful wizard in modern times. The series starts off as hard-boiled detective knockoff stuff and then becomes what most tv dramas become over time – an unending melodrama. I can’t recommend this to someone who only wants literature – but those who like pulp fiction, garbage that isn’t Bad Garbage to use King’s terms – - well, it’s not bad. Tho King kicks this author’s ass with his mastery of characterization and serious issues with plot – and The Dresden Files is very much like The Vampire Diaries TV show, and dramatically better than the books., just as the show is. Also, Dresden Files had a single season show – not sure if it would have been better than the books.

solid 3 stars – but if you want something better in more or less the same vein, than you cannot go wrong with The Iron Druid series. That said – for all its faults, I like the Dresden Files almost as much. It’s bad, don’t get me wrong – but it is also just plain fun most of the time. Just, please, for god’s sake, skip the first two books. They’re complete shit. Period.

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