Boro tank help!

Hi guys can someone help me I have 2 boro tanks and when I come to take the glass off and put it back on the rubber keep lifting and it’s annoying any ideas why?

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Some photos of the o-ring in question may help the members who favour AIOs to help you.


If it’s a stock Billet Box boro be aware that the glass is beveled. The bevel should be down towards the gasket and to the top. Lube the silicone with ejuice and take it slow. It can be a bitch sometimes.


Ya beat me .I’ll second that always use lube make sure the seals where it should be as an alternative Cthulhu do bottom up tanks with a plug so do suicide mods,Veepon tita tank and many more other expensive ones two and then they got cloned so your not stuck for choices


Just picked up a couple of these. They were dirt cheap… $13… haven’t tried yet so don’t have a clue how they perform. I personally really like the SnailTanks but they’re hard to find in the US :woozy_face:


Yep not tried them the Cthulhu kraken tanks good as well worth a look if your careful you can split it with out having an empty tank .helps if your build buggers up


Can you share photos?


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Welcome and what photos