Bottle give away

Was going through some of my supplies this morning and came across 20+, 15ml slender unicorn bottles. I have no use for them and if someone wants them, I would be more than happy to mail them to you. Not asking for anything in return.


I might have to do the same with the remainder of my 15ml unicorns


I got 20 of them for free from a local vape shop. Only ever used 1. :slight_smile:

If you’re mixing 50/50 or thinner liquid and have a good funnel they’re probably ok. At the time I was at 60/40 VG/PG. Couldn’t fill them without making a huge mess. grrrrrr!


why would they even make those silly skinny lil bottles, just looking u would think that thing can tip easily

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but thks for asking, very kind of u


they work good for the wismec theorim the fill hole was not thought out well

I would be interested in getting some extra bottles… I do mix 75% vg or higher…

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Still have Xtra unicorns? I have several stands for all sizes of bottles. Tnx in advance

Sorry folks. Bottles are gone.


The paper clip trick:

bend the paper clip and put the wire into the top of the bottle, then insert the funnel so the paper clip will make a vent space between the bottle and the funnel.


I could use some I have the same one unicorn bottle that I have been using for like 2 years now it’s tired and needs to be replaced