Bottle recommendations for steeping

I’m at the point where I need to steep a big volume of juice at once, I make my juice for myself and two others, all I have is a handful of 120ml boston round glass bottles left. So my question is where can i get 16oz plastic bottles for relatively cheap, or is $5 a pop the average or could a get a 6 pack that’s decent quality for around $10? also where should I buy them? Thanks in advance.

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I’ve used the 8 oz version of these and below and really like them. Good quality and they come with the twist tops. They are available in 16 oz and 32 oz.


I’m going with Big Benny on this one. PET for the win !!! Lot’s of styles, colors, closures, etc.

Ever think about recycling beer and liquor bottles? Yeah their glass but you can reuse them. Plus getting them empty can be fun.


Love these but I do steep in glass because I have 20 120ml bottles a friend gives them to me at work he buys a bottle a week for 54 dollars of cyclops vapor colosus
Oh well I offer to make him juice for cheap but he loves it

This is a 120ml from nicotine river

steep in glass from GBO, drip/fill from PET or lower grade plastic.


that’s a solid idea, got some jameson bottles around

what’s that?

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Premium Vials is my personal favorite. I’ve never had a broken bottle or a missed quantity.

The bottles are high quality and low cost and clean. If you buy them from ebay, God only nows what they had been storing in them before. I quit doing that. You cant trust e-bay sellers with bottles.

The shipping is kind of expensive so buy everything you think you will need for a long time to justify the shipping.

What size do you get? Have you ever used their bottles with a pump? I was thinking about getting either 8 or 16 oz amber bottles with a pump. But I was curious if the spout of the pump will fit in the opening of a unicorn bottle.

I bought 4 and 8 oz bottles from them for my nicotine stash and for batches plus 1oz droppers for testers along with a number of different sized/styled plastic dripper bottles for my on the go bottles. I have not bought any pump bottles so I have no idea if that would work. I just use funnels for pouring into the smaller bottles.

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