Bottle Size

How do you tell what bottle sizes people are making there juice at?

What do you mean exactly? When you follow a recipe?

Do you mean on the calculator? Or Something else?

i would guess that he means on the recipe side of it.

there is a line that says “totals” follow that over to the ml column and it will say 30 or 10 or whatever the amount is.


That would be a 30ml bottle or bigger.

My bottles have like 1-5 ml more than advertised. If you have scales you can quickly check by putting the bottle o. The scale. Tare. Then fill with water, whatever the weight in g will be equal to ml. Or if you only have volume equipment just keep filling with water and keep track.

Thats what I thought. Thanks guys!

On an unrelated note. What do those multicolored lines at the bottom of the recipe page mean?

And blue is other dilutant ie distilled water etc