Bottomless Pit

Been vaping on my new (1 week old now) Skyhook RTA by Smok. Love the tank and the vape I get from it. With that said, this thing goes through juice like nobodys business. I fill it up and if Im sitting and gaming, I have to refill it an hour later. Says 5.5ml juice capicity but wow it pretty much drinks juice. Is this something with all bottom fill tanks or just thos one?

All of the bottom fill tanks (jenny style) that I have, all use a lot of juice.
It also depends on the coils you use and the wattage you vape at of course.
But as a rule they are very thirsty.
Lucky for us, we make our own juice so it’s nowhere near as expensive as it could be.


Would the fill point make a difference. I’d of thought it was all about the coil, deck & wick. However, maybe bottom fill allows bigger builds? Maybe I don’t have one do don’t know. But I have my doubts anywhere you fill the tank making a difference, just 2c.

In the tanks of that style, the cotton is continually as wet as it can be, as it sits in the juice. Therefore, more juice is used than in an RDA. As in a RDA the wick is not totally soaked for each puff.
BTW, he said bottom fill, but he meant Jenny style, the Skyhook is top fill and Jenny style, ie. the wick sits in the juice.

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It doesnt matter where the juice is located. It’s all about the build. That is the only factor for juice consumption. Large builds with high power make alot of vapor. Put a couple of simple round wire coils at 0.5 Ohms and lower the wattage. You will see much better juice consumption. Of course you may not like the quality of the vape that way. I started DIY just to combat this issue. Now that I make juice for pennies an ML I dont care how much juice my tanks are burning.


@louiesquared I must disagree with you Sir to a certain extent. I use pretty much all the same coil types for my RDAs and RTAs and vape at the same wattage. I have a Griffin 25 Plus with the exact same build in it right now as a matter of fact and the juice in that tank lasts a good long time. So while I do agree that the build matters on juice consumption (parallel and fused claptons are the worse for this), this tank just tears through juice. @benjy337 That cotton statement [quote=“benjy337, post:4, topic:107325”]
the cotton is continually as wet as it can be
[/quote] this makes a ton of sense. But again, the Griffin does not go through my juice so quickly. Perhaps the cotton in the Griffin is not as saturated as it is in the Skyhook.

Think about it from a scientific point. If it uses more juice then it has to be producing more vapor. 3 things are required for that to happen. More surface area, more power and more airflow. If you use a smaller coil with less airflow and power it will use less liquid.

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Stop blaming your hardware! It’s not your atty that’s thirsty - it’s you :laughing: Seriously though, it’s your build and wattage, nothing else. (apart from your vaping habits…)


[quote=“louiesquared, post:5, topic:107325”]
It doesnt matter where the juice is located.
[/quote] Wrong, it matters, Jenny style tanks like the Skyhook are known to be juice guzzlers. The only logical reason is the fact that the cotton is always saturated, and possibly that often more cotton is used (to get into the juice well) and therefore more cotton is wet, which obviously uses more juice. Use the same coils @ the same wattage in the Griffin (or any other RTA) and a Jenny style RTA, the Jenny style will always use more juice.

Hardware… science… dont know. What I do know is that this Skyhook goes through juice faster than any other piece of hardware I own. So there.

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Illusion. Because - like you noted yourself - with a longer wick more juice will be in the wick, creating the impression that there isn’t any juice left, while there is. On top of that, the tank will hold much less juice than it has volume due to the wicks taking up space - more or less depending on how long you leave the wicks. So, to be picky - it’s definitely not the tank that’s “using more juice”.

Of course it’s not the tank itself, it’s way Jenny style tanks are wicked.
Why is is that all Jenny style tanks use more juice than other RTAs with the same coils at the same wattage?
There is only one possible reason IMO and that is the wicking sitting in the juice.
If you can explain another reason why Jenny’s use more juice than other RTAs, I’ll be happy to hear it.
The amount of juice used is measured in ml by most of us, when I use a Jenny style tank all day I use more ml of juice than I do if I use another RTA all day.

my griffin 25 + is constantly needing to be refilled. but i hit the thing all day, everyday.