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Bought new tank, FINALLY getting max flavour



Hehe I used for the longest time the v1 and sometimes still do.

I did consider this one, http://shop.steamcrave.com/c/aromamizer-plus_0367, because I like the color option (even tho it’s limited) and the fact of being able to get a series deck.

Didn’t even know they came out with that, I’m just never pulled the trigger because I sincerely enjoy single coil, but that series deck would definitely turn this into a other perspective. Something to consider maybe.

For now I’ll avoid that store tho, not willing to spend the amount of money on it. Lol but at least with owning v1 I’m still part of #teamsteamcrave!

Steam crave did what?!




Sometimes I really wonder on what kind of internet pages you’re surfing. I can’t remember the topic, but that gif a couple days ago, from that “beach party” or was it “cocktails?” It was hilarious, but should we start to worry? :wink:


Who’s worrying,I like him just the way he is!

On a side note, I have autocorrect!!!



Its some kind of steamcrave mind control he’s using.


:rofl: I thought this thread existed already? Gif collection


well after reading this topic had to go pull my Steamcrave squank box and Steamcrave V rda out of mothballs


hahaha, I’ve never seen such a busy and off topic post. Nice to see this forum is busy!

Ok, so what I can gather is:

The coil doesn’t make much diffence, but the coil does make a lot of difference
The tank doesn’t make much difference, but the tank definitely does make a difference and I should buy ANOTHER one because the one I’m dead ‘chuffed’ with isn’t a patch on some others lol

Just playing :slight_smile:

I find it weird that I’m now on my forth day on this tank and the alien coil is STILL spotless…I’m guessing that’s why juices suddenly taste silly sweet because everything is being vaporised efficiently?

I showed the guy my setup in the kensie, he said he couldn’t see anything i was doing wrong, so, I’m not totally certain I could improve on my wicking/coiling.
Some mention the Kylin v2 is amazing for flavour (including some online) and of course, some say that it’s not the greatest…I’ve only ever had two tanks, and not played around with different coils, so, I can only compare the two…

I guess the only way to find out if it’s the coils or the tank is to put a set of my coils in it and see if there’s a noticeable difference?

I was just curious, and wondered if the was a definitive answer, but mostly, wanted to say how happy I was with my whim purchase :slight_smile:


Well @estorm It’s not easy being me, but I do appreciate you noticing !!! LOL. I forget, but I think someone was asking we un-derail the derailed thread (it was too late), and I thought, time for a random vodka beach party gif !!! Just have to break up the monotony.


The series deck was a game changer for me. I had my Aromamizer Plus in and out of rotation, but once I got a series deck it hasn’t been out of hands. I’m running a 0.65 ohm ni80 4 loop braid at 7.1 to 7.8 volts.

It’s the only tank I use, the rest are RDAs. And the flavor is on par with most of my favorite RDAs.


Well @Doobiesnax it’s a BIG deal when you have an “Ahhhaaahhhhh” moment in vaping.

You’re seeing a couple of known flavor tanks mentioned, and some mentions of coil differences. Everyone’s mielage will vary and differ, but once you get a good flavor setup, then you can tweak the coils.


Not everyone can handle the MAX flavor moment.

@SessionDrummer It looks like you have your drinks where are our drinks? :cold_sweat:


Yeah, that’s the weird issue with vaping, it’s so subjective! I only have two friends that vape, but they are just mtl guys, so it’s hard to get cryticisms/comparisons. I’m always saying to them ‘try this one’. One might say, I can really taste the watermelon, the other night say, it’s like blackcurrent cordial, and I might say it tastes mainly of pear :joy::joy:

I didn’t see them this week, but am looking forward to seeing what they think of the taste difference!

I’ve now done about 80ml of juice since I bought it, and the coils and cotton are as clean as the kensie would have been after about 1 day (15ml)…definitely looking forward to seeing if my flapton coils last as long…?


I guess I’ll add my two cents to this too lol. I think proper coil positioning is more important for any setup than the type of coil is, but the atty is also a major factor in flavor too. I like to tinker, so I will use a tank or dripper that I have two of and use the exact same coils and juice but different coil heights and test out the differences until I find “the sweet spot”, on some attys the sweet spot is huge and on others if your coil is a mm too high or low it can make a difference. As always, everything within vaping is subjective, so you get to decide for yourself what the key factor(s) for the best flavor is for you, and to hell with what anyone else thinks or says, including me lol




For some reason I like oen, but I don’t fully buy into his theories, and he isn’t interested in hearing any theories outside his own, which should always be a red flag lol. That said, I appreciate the effort he has gone to in order to test his theory, I never woulda come up with that lol


I wish I could pull off the 19" beaded goatee :wink: but I otherwise found it hard to pay attention. His voice and pace triggered my ADDD …lemme give it another try …I need more coffee BRB