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Bought new tank, FINALLY getting max flavour


I’ve been mixing for about 10months. I’ve made quite a few recipes from scratch (all fruits) that I’ve made public, quite a few more that haven’t ‘quite been right’ and kept private…but my point being is: If you aren’t using top end gear, you’ll really struggle to get a good idea of flavours…let me explain further…

I’ve been using a vandyvape Kensie for nine 11months, as I was told by my local vape shop this was the best tank for flavour (perhaps it WAS a year ago?) I’ve slowly been adding more and more sweetener to my juices, and since I recently discovered supersweet by Capella, I’ve been struggling with wicks\coils gunking up badly after two days (flatwire Kanthal flat Clapton) I’ve been adding about 0.8 % get get a noticeable sweetness…ok, I know I’m waffling here, but bare with me…

I popped into a different vape shop, short answer, he talked me into buying a vandyvape Kylin vs2 and threw in a set of alien wires free of charge…
HOLY CRAP, what a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE in flavour! All my juices are now SO sweet, I’ve reduced the supersweet down to about 0.3%, and contemping not using it at all!

I can’t stress enough how much my juices have changed! They are so strong in flavour now it’s like sucking on a fruit sweet! Chuffed is a BIG understatement! And vaping has suddenly become what I’ve always wanted it to be…MASSIVE flavour (couldn’t care less about clouds)

Another weird thing is, after three days constant vaping, the coils are still spotless, no sign of ANY black caramelised sugars?

What I want to know is, am I getting clean burning down to predominantly the awesome positioning of the air vents on the tank, or, do the alien wires make a difference (Or is it mainly because I’ve reduced the sucrose levels by two thirds) is there one definitive answer, or is it an even split between the three things I’ve mentioned?

And the flavour difference: same question: is it mainly the tank, or the coils too? Do alien coils really make THAT much difference?

What ever, I’m super happy, just gutted I’ve stuggled for 11 months to finally recover I’ve been using rubbish kit!


The gunking happened mainly because of the sweetener. The higher the percentage you use, the faster your coil will gunk.

The alien has wider surface and have a lot of nooks and crannies all over it, that the juice could got into. So basically, from what I understand, it widen the surface of the coil, and the coil itself absorbes some of the liquid, therefore it vaporized more liquid, and in turn you have better flavor.

Cmiiw please.


Personally, coils don’t matter as much as people think, I could take the same set of coils and put them in ten different tanks and they will all taste different. Tanks make the biggest difference! You want crazy flavor? Try the fatalaty by qp designs. You’ll have to settle for a clone as they did a short run on them.


And my favorite coil build


I’m agreeing with the ton of sweetener you HAD been using causing the gunk/junking for sure. I’m with @Cutlass92 that coils make no where the difference (coil height in relation to airflow matter) than the tank/setup itself does.


And/or basically any SteamCrave.


What’s the best steamcrave tank for flavor? My boreas tanks are getting old lol I use tanks for higher wattage setups as all my squonkers are single battery, so my tanks end up being 70-100 watt setups


If I remember correctly your not that far away from me, I have 3 or 4 different stream craves, we should just get together some time and you can try them.


The kensei was one of the most popular tanks in 2017. I own some of them too, but flavor is always subjective and so is the choice of atomizers.

Coils in my opinion does make a difference, same for wire type, inner id, wraps, brand of cotton and then of course positioning and airflow. There’s still some more criteria but the ones named I think are the most important.

The kylin v2 is based on the kylin mini, which is a single coil tank, however in my opinion again very hard to beat in flavor.

The v2 is meant to be the dual version of the mini, however can be run as bigger solo. In general both rta (mini and kylin v2) do not work with small builds. Both are too airy for that, closing down airflow imo doesn’t help, when trying to run a small low watt build for example.

The kensei was never meant for that, the deck and wicking slots should indicate that lol. However it performs quite well at lower, med and high wattage with the correct build, as any other atomizer.

I am happy that you found something that you like better, but that doesn’t mean it is better or your “old” tank is crap. Put a equal good build in the kensei, and it’s probably still enjoyable :wink:

I got a bit off track here, but I kinda had too, since not only a atomizer or/and coil is a factor but rather the full picture.


@Fishaddict420 @Cutlass92 Chooo Choooo, All aboard the Steam Team Express !!!


I’m proud to be part of that group!


@Fishaddict420 That’s a TOUGH ONE to answer. They’re all good at flavor. I still use the original v.1 for all of my SF tests. I have all except the Titan, and I just don’t think you can go wrong with any. As you move up in versions from the original and up, you’ll gain features, air flow, juice flow, bigger decks, customizable, etc.


If you were to jump in on the Supreme v.2 that couldn’t be a bad idea IMO.



Couldn’t agree more!



Ty @SessionDrummer Did’t know they had low profile. Will have to look at them seriously now.


@Freddie3, @eStorm brought up some other good choices. I think I picked up a Kensei a while back, but haven’t even built on it yet, so I can’t speak to either, but I’m sure any/all mentioned can get you smack dab in the middle of the flavor wagon.


Bout an hour and 15 min I think, might go to the casino up there in a few weeks lol if we do I’ll let you know!


Dammit I want that supreme for the juice capacity but I can only fit a 26mm tank without overhang:( the best part of the boreas is 8ml capacity in a 25mm tank, and the flavor of course lol


You know, you’ve made me want one of those things for over a year now. I think I finally need to just break down and buy one. :blush: