Bought some pre wrapped coils

Hey guys I have bought some pre wrapped coils (kenthal apparently)as I wanted to taste what there like before fiddling to make them myself I especially wanted to try the Clapton they came in the post this morning and straight away put the Clapton in did the usual get it glowing from the middle dry burning so I wicked it and took a vape and the taste was horrible I know it’s not the juice as make my own and vaped same recipe for weeks now it’s not a burnt taste I can’t really explain the taste all I can say is that it is like a metallic taste it’s disgusting had to take the Clapton straight out so now put a twisted coil in now and the taste is still there not as bad I can vape it but don’t really want to has anyone else had this and got rid of it

Just did a dry burn on another coil and it’s the smell of that smoke that I am tasting and when I dry burn till the smoke goes it’s still there

They usually need some breaking in time. Cleaning them before use with alcohol helps but there are people who don’t like the taste of kanthal period and are using Stainless Steel instead, or titanium if you have a TC mod.

I have give up now got a headache from the taste of it been trying all day I’ve got out the 1.2 ohm coil that was spare but I don’t like the occ heads on subtank plus going to buy the crown apparently the coils are good on that thanks anyway :+1:

Try dry-burn, then put the hot coil under running water and repeat a few times :smile:


I have I’ve done it all been looking all day how to do it they make the videos look to easy😳

By the time you have broken in Titanium coils it’s time to change them,Titanium is garbage for TC so is Ni200 Stainless steel way forward .(just my opinion)

Do you have that problem @Pro_Vapes?

I respect your opinion but you either have used bad Ti wire or you’re not properly cleaning your wires. I’ve run some Ti builds for a month or more. Break in period for me is a couple tanks… sometimes less depending on the juice.

I’ve never ordered a PB Coils so I don’t have a clue as to how, what or where these coils are made. I would try a different supplier and research the vendor for similar post.


I’m on about 7 weeks on a Ti build. I clean it once a week with a Dremel with a nylon brush bit. Takes about a minute and they look practically new. I’m going to try to maintain this Titanium build for a year. So far there is no evidence the wires are breaking down at all. I can post picks next time I clean if anyone is interested.