Box Mod Info Needed

While looking for a new box mod I came across this one I’ve never seen. It’s loaded with features but I don’t know anything about the vendor or this box. Any info will be appreciated.

H-150W Big WattageMod

I’m fairly new to vaping so I don’t know too much about individual products, but I do understand specs and know how to research something before I buy it. There isn’t too much info out there on this. I would want to know what the electronics are like and see a tear-down on it before I would put an unknown near my face. I’m just cautious like that. I’m also cautious about lots-of-features-for-little-cost products. As we all know, marketing isn’t always truthful.
Someone once told me “just because you can cover a car with water, doesn’t make it a submarine”. I always think of that when I see something I want to impulse-buy.
Doesn’t mean I always listen to it…

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Thanx for your feedback. Anytime I find something I’m interested about and don’t know anything about it, I bring it to the group. There are a lot of people with a lot of experience in this group and I always take what they tell me as gold. So if they don’t approve then I give it a pass. With the lack of replies I’m guessing they’re not familiar with this device so I won’t be getting that.


I have been wanting a wooden mod! I’m sure they feel great in the hand…warm. These are nice, but unregulated. They are not cheap though! $$$

Those are some really nice box mods. I got unexpected $126 check in the mail and was applying it to my vape budget. I already used $40 and I just can’t afford it now. They would be a nice addition though.

Check out this item I found on eBay:
This is parallel?

Thanks for the heads up. I added it to my watch list. It looks really good.

Here’s that 150 u were checking out??

Different name…

Yep, That the one.


1 hr ago #1. posted by Moower

Or just another Cloupor T8 aka majesty piece of crap?

1 hr ago #2. posted by Anson

Looks like Assa

19 mins ago #3. posted by scout17

Those battery contacts look like complete worthless junk…

Vaping a ZNA 50W with an Orchid at .4 ohms!

8 mins ago #4. posted by wason92

I’ve had remotes with nicer battery springs

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A little sketchy!! To say the least

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They do look a bit janky!

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@quitter1, I’m leaning heavily towards buying this box. From what you know of these boxes would you recommend it.

I don’t see a power off switch or any way to adjust the voltage. I seen some with the ability to do that on some of the build videos I’ve seen.

I have a couple bookmarked I’ll send some info when I can

Ok thanks.

Peep this???
Down to .04 ohms??!!

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I haven’t seen any VV/VW or Temp Control that get that low. That will work, :thumbsup: 3 weeks away though. :weary: I hope I can hold out. :weary:

Maybe the Hellsgate will ease my addiction until this comes out.

Do you still want some of those built boxes info I’ve collected?

I want to see everything I can.
Most need bank statements and first born!!