Bragging and Kudos Anyone?

I just thought I’d start a thread for people to brag about their accomplishments (vape or not) and to give each other support and kudos. I wasn’t exactly sure where to put it, so The Pub it is!

I’m pretty stoked about the fact that I passed a full page of recipes on ELR. 34 in total. It seems like such a small thing, but it shocked me. I honestly never thought I’d have enough inspiration (or flavors!) to have that many recipes I liked. Thanks to Lars for the amazing site and all you awesome mixers for sharing!


Kudos to us for finally finding and successfully using FA Dark Bean! I’m chilling at the theatre this morning with The Don’s Demitasse in my RTA! And to make things even better, it finally hit me! It’s the perfect juice to vape and not get busted by haters! I’m always making and drinking real espresso at the theatre, so the smell of my vape blends right in to the existing atmospheric aroma! Win! Win! (gratuitous pat on the back)


That is pretty awesome! Ha! Now everyone smells coffee and who doesn’t like coffee? Don’t trust them… :stuck_out_tongue:


A little brag mixed with a little pride. I’m extremely happy with my collection of vape gear and having the knowledge to operate everything properly.

From left to right: Mojo Mech Mod Clone / Goblin RTA, Aspire CF Sub Ohm Mech Mod / Kanger Sub Tank, Aspire CF Sub Ohm Mech Mod / Aspire Atlantis Sub Tank, Xpro M50 / Goliath RTA, Xpro M80 / Cthulhu RTA, Sig 100w v1 Box Mod / Hades 28mm Clone RDA, Sig 150w Box Mod / Goliath RTA, Vapor Flask v2 / Lemo 2 RTA, 2x Innokin MVP 20w


Absolutely! No blowing up is always good! LoL I am stupid jealous of your collection. :wink: And a little proud of myself that I know what any of them are!

Edit: I knew what all the mods were! Well, I didn’t know exactly which mech mod the first was…but I got all the rest! Can you tell I’ve been doing my homework? LOL.


Makes me wish i had 10 hands and mouths!


I’ve made some photos of my current mech+rda setup :slight_smile:

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Oooo, pretty! I love green and that mech is so smooth and simple it makes me want one! I guess that’s why its named SMPL? :smile:

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Yes, this is why it’s called SMPL (:

Finally got around to building a stand for my vape gear. I think it came out well. This 2 of the 3 racks I made. Just grab what you want to vape and go.


Too much gear… Looks impressive!

Not enough… I don’t have a Genie yet. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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That is an impressive collection @NewDrip - and a very cool stand you made! :smiley:


Wowzers. You could open your own shop! :wink: Do you actually use all those regularly or are some just collected?

As I get newer stuff, the older stuff get put on the back burner. I’m mostly using tanks now. But when I’m home I do drip sometime.

Nice collection of vape gear! I like the racks. They look great.

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Thanks alot @David28470. I been trying to come up with something for the last couple months. It was made with scrap metal from my job and then I powder coated it.


Nice set up New drip. Your shelves came out nicely! I just worked on my station yesterday! put up a new desk and small hanging shelves. I went to the beach t go fishing or I’d snap a pic of it.


Sweet set up New Drip!!!


I figured I’d click a pic before I box these up for the long haul. They’ve been setup for use…