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Brand Abbreviation List (in progress)


As others have said, INW is the more commonly used abbreviation for Inawera. The first (and probably only) time I’ve seen INA is on ELR. I fully agree that you find way more references using INW than INA when googling for them.

Who decides what is correct and what not?

In any case, to me it doesn’t matter all that much, as long as there is consistency.


This is a great help. I’m a new mixer. 30 days ago I didn’t know these flavor manufacturers existed let alone the resellers/ relabeled products.
I’m learning quickly but this reference is a big asset when navigating flavors. My stash consists of the top 6 big names cause they are the dominant flavors used in countless recipes.
Thank you!


Their own website doesn’t include the “The”, it’s just Flavormonks


I was waiting to see who would mention that! :grinning:


I took my original cues on that by the majority naming (most used) in the database.

But bottom line, either Lars Can make that decision, or perhaps there could be a community poll (I’d suggest over several months, so we get maximum input).

For the moment though, I plan on continuing to focus on the overall situation first. :wink:


I’d forgotten that! Thank you!
(adjusting now)


Is there any collaboration with the makers & sellers on how this works?
Seems reducing this confusion would benefit them in a big way.
Only asking cause I don’t know.


From “our point of view”? Not likely. lol
(First world problem and all…) :wink:

Although some of the more community involved vendors (resellers) have kindly been willing to change their labeling with community feedback.
And that has definitely helped!


That would be me :grinning:

That would be a third FM in the list then?


Thanks for the work you are doing, hopefully it will help to clean up the mess in the DB.

Here is another one for the list.

BH - Bolsjehuset a Danish manufacturer, I have only ever seen it abbreviated as BH or fully spelled out.


LB liquid barn
LNW liquid nicotine wholesalers
FC flavor concentrates


That is serious cause for confusion. I don’t see why there even has to be an abbreviation if it’s only there to cause issues.
If the most common brands are abbreviated and others not, I’m sure everyone can live with that. First come, first served seems a fair rule.


Yep. Some more of the obvious ones I forgot…
Thank you.

Source(s) and link(s) please ma’am! :wink:
…preferably to the OEM.

@Josephine_van_Rijn FM: Correct again!


Man, I don’t envy you doing this. Whatever will come out of it, there will be people moaning about it. :sweat_smile:


No moaning here. It took me three days to be certain about TPA/TFA when I first started.
I’m just happy I can say I have peeps that will keep me straight!


I was going to mention Real Flavors’ Black Label, and their “Professional Super Concentrates”, but neither of those are on their web site now, and I can’t find them on Amazon.


Good mention. This one is usually under LE (limited edition) from what I’ve seen lately…
But yeah, it would also be one worth remembering. Fortunately, there haven’t been many, so not much to worry about. :wink:

As for PSC, I never did see them labeled as such (which is why I left them out -at least for the time being anyways).


I have no idea what an OEM is, here’s the link.


In prooer terms, it means original equipment manufacturer.

I’m using it loosely here, simply to refer to the actual manufacturer, to make things easier for us to know who actually makes a flavoring.

As opposed to just blending things already produced (like Gremlin [eg: vanilla overload] and others have occasionally done; as I understand it), or relabels other’s brands (without altering the original chemical composition), etc.

With something as “broad stroked” as ‘flavor concentrates’, it strongly makes me suspicious of them being a relabeler. That’s why I was looking for a source, to see if more info can be gleened, or perhaps someone has their memory jogged by the link. :wink:


Edit Ah already posted sorry.