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Brand Abbreviation List (in progress)


Their flavors are all natural or natural/artificial (oil soluble). All natural is safe for us to use and the ones I’ve tried don’t mimic any other brands.


Anybody mention Medicine Flower? I didn’t see it up top.


D’oh! D’oh! D’oh!

Again. Like I said… Forgetting “the obvious” ones… /sigh

Thank you!


I’m not sure if this is relevant but Dark Arts has been confirmed to relabel Flavour Art. I’ll go find the thread if need be.


If you could please, it’d be appreciated :slight_smile:


Great work, @Sprkslfly :+1:

I can’t see a mention of Botanic Elixir ( Vapour Depot’s MF dilutions). I’ve been writing the name out in full, in my stash, but would, ofc, prefer to abbreviate to BE, if that convention could only be established.


Obviously this isn’t a complete guide to how to enter Flavours in your stash. We still have stuff like:

VW - Vape Wild
VW - vapor world
with no clue how to discriminate between them. That said, I do get that this is a work in progress.

But supposing the question re. full and proper syntax is gonna be adressed at some point, the following notes on NF syntax mght prove useful:


I think Great Lakes Flavour Company should be GLF as there name is Great Lakes Flavour company


Post #20


Curious if there is a way you can globally change the previously correctly named brands to the current preferred one. For example, i listed (Inawera) which was the correct prior listing and now id have to delete them all and reenter as (Ina) unless i am not seeing a way to edit. When i say globally i mean the DB so everyone’s is changed


I don’t have that ability unfortunately.
I’m still waiting on Daath to give me a Yea or Nay on further abilities with respect to the database. (Ken and Jojo have deeper access, unfortunately it’s been hard to catch them for quite some time now.)

I do relevant merges as I see (get to) them though.

I’m leaning more towards spelling the name out where Ina goes at this point though… so don’t worry too much :wink:

The more I see, the more that I think only certain abbreviations should be kept. BUT that’s just MY opinion, and it’ll have to go a lot further before there’s anything concrete to say on that subject I believe!


just thinking it would save both all members and yourself hell lot of time. I know shouldve done my part in changing that a while ago but had the feeling it would be done that way


since we, most of us, are used to spelling it out, that might be more desirable. whisper/ my thought would have been INW tho :grin:


How about Solub Arome? What should their abbreviation be?



My personal suggestion would be either the full name, or Solub (as I’m not aware of anything until yet that’s “competing with” Solub, name-wise.)

Thank you for asking!

(FYI, there’s at least a couple that are competing for “SA” though, so that’s “out”, across the board)


Glad you asked, I have my first flavor from them to test. I’ll go back and see how I entered it.


List updated again.

There’s still some notes and things that I would like to mention. But for the moment, I need to step away!

BTW!!! This list is primarily to help DECODE the current state of things (not to reinforce the acronyms in current use)!!! I’m still trying to help sort out the best way to unravel this mess going forward. :wink:

All the best,


Hey Letitia! Sorry I haven’t been online much lately. Let me know what you think about them, I’m so curious.


I got the lemon meringue. Seems I’m a junkie for anything with both lemon & meringue. I’ll let you know how it is.


Another manufacturer, unknown to me, that I just ran across in a new users recipe. I don’t see them on the list here so not sure how you wish to proceed.
The link I grabbed off of Google appears to be a vendor but I was unsuccessful finding the actual manufacturer site.