Brand Name EJuice Flavorings

Hi all, mentioned I would try to post in here more often. This one had me laughing a bit and made me think about all the posts that show up about the differences between DIY recipes and ‘house’ blends. I got this response from someone asking if we use our own ‘brand’ of flavorings.

-We do use a mix of Capella, Flavor West, and Flavor Apprentice flavorings to mix together our flavor bases. The mixes themselves we sell for DIY customers however the Vanilla Custard recipe is the only one we specifically have not released yet. I hope that helps!-

-“Ya I’m not happy about hearing that. As I diy myself and Own all those flavors and I paid you for the same thing I can mix. I think customers should be aware that you use other flavor house and that your mixes aren’t you brand name concentrates. I won’t purchase gremlin again. It is what it is I guess.” -

Just kinda curious, as a company that’s been mixing for years now (before there was a huge industry for it) is there really an expectation that we’ve somehow got flavor extracts unavailable to the populace as a whole or am I missing something?


Sorry, That’s quite humorous :joy::point_up:
Not really sure if the customer fully comprehends how this works.
Maybe they thought the Gremlins have their own Flavor Manufacturing site somewhere out in the Shire :trophy:


Obviously they didn’t enjoy or benefit from (by your mix helping keep them off tobacco) your custom mixes… :roll_eyes:

It certainly is, isn’t it. :crazy_face:


You haven’t missed anything but your customer might miss some brain material :thinking:


Before a year or so:
Me, customer:
Wow, what a great flavour you have mix!! Thats mix has Western TPA right?

Vapestore’s owner child:
No we don’t use TPA in our mixes.

Vapestore’s owner:
We don’t use TPA and in fact we don’t use any other ‘‘commercial’’ flavour. The flavours we mix is not available for the public.

Me, thinking:
Ok sure, but this is made with Western TPA and the other mix next to this is based to DK Tobacco TPA…

I have already, sort of, clone, both of this recipes just by curiocity.


I would’ve loved to be in the shop at that moment. So many questions come to mind that may have been unintentionally uncomfortable for them. Not the least of which is how they came up with the exact flavor they wanted without mixing up some TPA flavors a hundred times for the right ‘formula’ to send to the factory.


I thinking it more like, it was a silly question I did not have to do and that gives a silly response. So I stop it there :rofl:


I would assume you used the flavors you sell in your own mixes …

The person is probably pissed they couldnt come up with something as good using the same flaves…


As if you wouldn’t go eat in a restaurant because you can buy the same ingredients in your supermarket… doh! Different cook, different recipes. It’s nice to try something different from time to time, right?


There may be some thought that some companies may have some flavors that are not readily available. I think there is a bakers flavors from Germany that is hard to get here in the USA for example.

It beyond that, yup, people are odd and have some unusual expectations.

Rebranding is also a topic that occasionally and sometimes often causes some heartache. But for me it comes down to speak with your wallet.


…obviously, he isn’t talented enough and can’t mix the same stuff you do with the “same” flavors @MGremlin. :smirk: He’s just butt-hurt and frustrated that his mixing sucks. He’s also envious of your talent. Mix on man!


The story starts Bryan22 comes in my shop…


@MGremlin I guess that’s funny, and informative AT the same time. As mentioned above, people have some pretty odd expectations/perceptions of what’s what, and what MAKES what, especially when it comes to ejuice it would seem.

Some would say THAT, is what separates the sellers from the buyers ?


@Mark_Turner that one deserves a second thumbs up :+1::+1:


umm that pegs it at before 2009… perhaps… maybe 2004… doubtful tho… not many older companies (ejuice sellers/manufactues) are around or have merged with big t…

Yes, there are flavors and companies your average mixer will not be able to purchase and use. Companies do pay labs to do a lot of flavor development, and purchases in way larger amounts than your average diyer… in fact, the diy market is roughly 15-20% sales for any flavor manufacture.

That is Baker’s Flavors in Russia… and those can be purchased, (vaping zone) just not in barrel sizes, nor would you want to see the bill for a few 100 barrels… China has a sister lab of Bakers, and a few resellers sell those too… then you have flavors express, which is yet another branch.

The flavor industry itself is full of resellers and certain manufactures are small, but have a larger reach… :slight_smile:

Hope this helps a bit…