Brand new and figuring things out

I’ve decided to delve into the world of mixing my own vape juice due to cost and frustration with available flavors. Many of the commercially available flavors I’ve tried just don’t hit the notes I want. I’m trying to avoid pitfalls and figure out a starting place for flavors to pick up and hopefully somebody has my same tastes or can point me in the direction of some good flavors.

The only real brands I’ve found that I like are Silverback Jenny (love the menthol), Booboo, Humble Peewee Keewee, And twist melon/mixed berry.

I find most dessert flavors not that good (Even though I really wanted to like them) - none of the custards I try capture the creamy eggy flavor I expect and aren’t sweet enough.

What are some good flavors that can match the notes I want? If anyone has tried those juices out. And perhaps someone can convert me to the dessert side?

I’m open to any and all suggestions because I am still very very new.


There is so much to learn but it’s possible to be good at it within a year or so. Prepare yourself to be frustrated in the beginning. The best advice I can give is to understand that all recipes we make are an approximation of a food or beverage. If you expect a juice to taste like the real thing, you’ll probably be disappointed. Focus on the tastes you enjoy and find which flavors you like the most. You’ll be well on your way then.


If you’re looking for an eggy forward custard type, check out @authormichellehughes recipes. She’s been on the crusade for the elusive eggyness that is “the perfect custard”.

Good luck and welcome to ELR!


Most economic way to start: Find couple of high rated recipes here and on ATF you think you’d like (you may even find clones of your favs if lucky) and pick those flavors only (= those exact brands). Preferably look for newer recipes, not those 4+ years old.

More adventurous way: do what’s said above + also pick 30 most used flavors that you think you’d like. Use Noted YT to get a better idea how flavors of different brands taste like and read flavors reviews here and you’ll get an idea what exact menthol or strawberry you should be looking for. Happy mixing!


Welcome and glad you joined.


Welcome aboard @Element4~! My best advice is “never give up!” In here we share our successes and failures, and we’re very generous with new Mixers. Here’s a great example …follow this link to read how this one recent story ends, but feel free to read the whole thread. Also “reading is fundamental” here and there’s no escaping starting from the Beginners section. We experienced folks know it’s not that difficult to mix your own juice, but if you’re new it looks crazy complicated …so hang in, we’ll get you on track. Keep in mind no one can know what you will like as a vape, and the only path is just mixing ever more juice …and sharing your Journey.


Also Rugly has an interesting concept specifically made for beginners (Check on YT). He buys 30 or something flavors and then he’s mixing great recipes using only those flavors all season long. The second season just started (with other 30 flavors) couple of weeks ago. It’s also great source of info for beginners + easy economic approach. Worth to check it out.