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Hi all,
I currently use an alien al85w mod and the baby beast tank it came with. I do like the tank but the smok coils are so hit and miss it can be such a waste of money. Usually 3 out 5 will be ok but the other 2 in the pack last a couple of days! So basically I’m thinking of swapping tanks. Which brand has the most reliable coils? Every shop page I look at the coils and they all seem about 3 stars with half saying they’re great and half saying only 2 out of the 5 work! Is this standard for all brands? Also I’m in the UK so we have limited tanks as they all have to be 2ml capacity. (Another negative for the baby beast as it last about 10minutes!)

Hoping for about 10 days use from the coils but more importantly consistency from all of them.
Thanks guys

you can find a few more opinions here:

and heres a chart for compatibility
gl to u!


Awesome! Never realised you could stick other brand coils in tanks! Didn’t even cross my mind tbh. I’ll definitely be investigating some of these other coils
Thanks for your help dude


look the the wotofo flow , very good tank with great coils and cheap


If I were to get a new tank with prebuilt coils right now, I would get a sense herakles 3 and use the 0.4ohm v-jet coils at around 40-60w.

Think you can get both fairly “cheap” at fasttech or simmilar.

But to begin with check out coil compability and find cheaper alternatives for your current setup, if you are happy with it to begin with (as long as the coils perform as they should) :smiley:

I think @fidalgo_vapes also has a good tip, only heard good things about the wotofo flow. But got no hands on experience with it.

Great tank but I’ve broken the glass twice within a week. Maybe I was more clumsy than usual or unlucky or the glass is really a bit weak.

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I used to rant and rave about the Maganus, but for a while I couldn’t find the coils so I moved it to museum status, Lately wifey has had really good luck with Eleaf coils as long as she gets a specific ohm and type

the EC pictured above just plain suck no matter the ohms

The ECL pictured above are so much better

Note the difference in size of the juice inlets. Wifey uses the 18 ohm. She rotated between two tanks I end up changing a coil about every 2 weeks.

I have pretty good luck with Joytech coils, I have the ultimo tank. Once in a while I’ll get a bad package and have two or three bad coils in the pack

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