Breakdown for the non-blonde blonde person please?

Okay could someone explain to me in 5th grade logic how to get the percents that you would mix into your recipe with these percents?

35% Strawberry
35% Cream
30% Cookie

My initial thought was 3.5 3.5 and 3.0 but I read somewhere that wasn’t the right way to do it?

Welp. 35% other wise known as 35/100=0.35.

A detail oriented wacky person like me may look that the above and say…in my mix there is a total flavor percentage of 10…aka 10%flavoring and 90% pg/vg. Out of/within the 10% there is a balance of flavoring of 35% x 35% y and 30% z…and them together equal 100%…which is what you find within your 10% mixture of flavoring.


No one said my grammar is good. Haha


Depends on the strength of the flavorings. If each of them makes a good stand-alone at 10%, then your numbers are perfect, but if not, then it could get tricky.

Let’s say the strawberry is “full strength” at 12%, the cream at 8%, and the cookie at 5%. I’m just making these numbers up.

For your strawberry, 35% of full strength is 0.35 * 12% = 4.2%
Cream: 0.35 * 8% = 2.8%
And cookie: 0.30 * 5% = 1.5%

Now you can go a little higher when you’re mixing different flavors, but for a start point, that’s how I think of it.

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From what it looks like, you’re wanting the total amount of your flavoring to be broken down into three flavors, 35%, 35%, and 30%. Is that correct?

You must take into account your desired total flavor % as well as your desired final volume. Let’s take the numbers you posted. Together they would equal 10g. If you want that 10g to be 10% of your final mix, you’d have to mix a final volume of 100mls because 10g is 10% of 100.

Start at where you want your final volume. Say 30mls. Then decide what you want your total flavor % to be. Say, 15%. 15% of 30mls is 0.15 * 30 = 4.5. (The word “of” in a math problem usually signals multiplication). So you will have a total flavor weight of 4.5g. Now, take 35% of that… 4.5 * 0.35 is 1.575. So maybe do 1.58 g of strawberry, 1.57g of cream, and 1.35g of cookie.

I recommend you save yourself the trouble of trying to figure this out by hand, and make a flavor base. :wink:


I was trying to get all the FA UK recipes onto ELR for people to use and I hate to say it but you’re right… it’s not worth my time LOL I can do the ones that already have percents of flavor LOL

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This blonde is confused :dizzy_face: High time for a dye job.

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If you wanted to do that, the easiest thing would be to post them as 10% in 100ml mix. That way you can just use the % as grams. Something like this might work:

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Okay I get that LOL thanks JoJo I swear I was ready to pull my hair out.


okay again forgive my brain blur in math but if I wanted to make say a 10ml flavor concentrate. I would just use 3.5 3.5 and 3.0 and put it in a 10 ml bottle without VG or nic? Sorry I really am an idiot on this part.

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Yes, that would work.

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Yeah that :slightly_smiling: You can grab the one I put up or put it in yourself if you want. I was only using it as an example. I’ll delete it tonight. Thanks for doing this, some of these look really yummy!


The La Tuscano looks really good and I saved it on my pc ages ago to make a flavour base. I completely forgot about it :blush:


You don’t want much do you? hehe
Artificial Intelligence?

This looks like a recipe for a pre-mixed flavor base since the percentages add up to 100%. If it isn’t, then many more variables are at play here and I haven’t a clue as to what it might imply.
35% Strawberry
35% Cream
30% Cookie

The short answer of how much of each flavor to add to a scratch mix:
3.5% Strawberry
3.5% Cream
3% Cookie

Add the above together 3.5+3.5+3=10
So if using a pre-made flavor base, you would add 10% of that flavor base to your mix of PG/VG and Nic as a single flavor at 10%.
If your non flavor base was already mixed at 80% VG and 20% PG then the final mix would be 70% VG and 30% PG.


Since you’re using all FA concentrates, you’re probably fine. But it you were to do this twice but in the second batch, used TFA strawberry, you’d get much less strawberry flavor from the second batch because you’re ignoring the relative strengths of the flavors. This might be why someone told you that you were “doing it wrong” but I’ve never agreed with there being just 1 right way to do anything, so in the end, just do what works for you.

However, looking at these specific flavors, I do think the Red Touch is kinda wimpy compared to the others, and IMO 10% is a bit much for a FA-only mix. IF you wanted to take that into account I’d start with something more like this and tweak the numbers up from there (this is using the single flavor % times % of base mix method I tried to explain earlier). HOWEVER, I’m always learning new things, so take this with a huge grain of salt. I might be thinking about it all wrong (and if so, someone please tell me). :stuck_out_tongue:

Ingredient %
Cookie (FA) 1.2
Cream Fresh (FA) 1.4
Red Touch (Strawberry) (FA) 2.8

Flavor total: 5.4%

This would be the same result as if you mixed a standalone bottle of each at the average single flavor strength, and then took those bottles and remixed them together at 30%, 35%, and 35%. But either way you’re just getting a starting point and your taste buds will tell you where to go from there. :slightly_smiling:

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Looks like a flavour base indeed, but flavour bases are usually made from an existing recipe. If you make the base, it will tell you how much to use.
Open Sesame (base): :: DIY Open Sesame One-shot/concentrate e-Liquid Calculator

15.8% Black Honey Tobacco (TPA)
15.8% Creamy Vanilla (Molinberry)
15.8% Godfather (INAWERA)
18.4% Gold for Pipe (INAWERA)
5.3% Honey (INAWERA)
13.2% Sesame (INAWERA)
15.8% Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)

Total base: 10 ml
To be mixed at: 19%
Remember to rate it at: :: DIY Open Sesame One-shot/concentrate e-Liquid Calculator
I wouldn’t know how to go about it if you make a base that is not based on an existing recipe.

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Looks like this would be a recipe at a strength of 6 and 30ml made…

30 ml yes, strength 6 no. How did you get to that?
This is the recipe: Open Sesame :
Strength is 2.
However, it doesn’t matter if the recipe is 30 ml or 10 ml or a 100 ml, the flavour base will just look at percentage. The amount of nicotine doesn’t matter either, since you will make a flavour base only and add nicotine when you make your liquid from the base.

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Sorry,when I read the comment I was thinking you (or they) were looking at what was needed if they were going to mix a recipe up and not having a base made… I used an option on a different ejuice program that I use to keep my recipes and ingredient inventory on that isn’t web based (it’s Windows)


No worries, I find this whole topic pretty confusing :grinning:

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