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Beware of the retailer’s return policy.

I got stung by when after I ordered a Wismec mod, I realized the next day I ordered the RX 20700, not the RX 21700 that I wanted. I contacted before receiving it so I could it exchange it (unopened), knowing I was going to lose on the shipping costs, but I didn’t want the RX 20700 being I don’t have the batteries for it and plenty of the 21700 batteries.

But, NO. They don’t have a return policy like that, other than once they accept your order and it’s not defective, It’s Buyer Beware… you own it. Other hardware vendors are not like that. All that I researched have something like 14 days to 30 days, even 45 days, return policy.

So, I’m recommending that you don’t buy from Breazy.


I hate it when shops are so customer-unfriendly.
Now they lost (at least) 1 customer and for what, 5 minutes extra work? Amazon got HUGE because of their customer friendliness, why don’t other companies pick up on that?

Here’s to hoping it arrives damaged and broken and you get your money back :wink:


That’s sad. That’s all I can say.


Thanks for the warning [note to self… ‘self’ Don’t shop at because they won’t be in business for long]


@SeaWuf , that really sucks, hate it when vendors screw customers. You going to sell the mod to recoup your dollars?


that does suck, but quick question for you:

How much time passed before you noticed your mistake??

Had your order already shipped out before you realized this?


this should be enough, no? I doubt weeks passed…
if he suggests to send it back for replacement, taking up the shipping costs for himself?


Oh… yeah …wait …once shipped U should be able to return, paying the postage, but once even processed to shipping (remote drop?) it may be unable to be “undone”. Any reputable online reseller still offers some window of “Returns” …your mistake, you pay postage …and you did say you were not against that idea in OP. Flatout “No Returns” is a newbie mistake …as witnessed here.


My apologies OP, i took a look at their returns policy found here:

and it does seem that they do not accept any form of returns?! wtf! Now that IS bad customer service, and had never noticed before this post. So I will not be purchasing from them in the future.

Wow, that is some BS right there. so long breazy!


There you go, let your dollars do the talking.

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