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Just wondering what you people has found to be the most versatile Yogurt, I know one recipe may say 2 percent of X from flavor company x but if as a mixer we where to buy every flavor that a recipe calls for then it would be by far more expensive. Now I do realize by changing out one favor bran May dramatically change your outcome from the original mixer’s view. But I’m one of the people who can’t tasted most strawberries but there is one that I can so it’s now the only strawberry I use. So I’m just wondering about Yogurt. What would be the most versatile on the market. Thanks in advance


Tell what kind of yogurt you’re after. Cheesy, tart greek, sweet & smooth…


This is my trouble, IMO FW has the best overall yogurt. But by using this one flavor I know I’m not getting what a person has worked hard to create and maybe is using TFA (TPA) so because I like the FW yogurt I’m just wondering should I have all the other flavoring that a recipe may call for 2% of X ? I know this maybe something personal to me but as I said lots of people can’t taste lot’s of different flavors. By changing out a flavor your not mixing as the creator intend but I’m only asking what other people who mix when they come across this type of situation what do they do


I can’t help with the yoghurt answer but await the responses from others as I’m very interested in them

I’d say this is relatively unimportant here - as you said everyone is different and the community certainly embrace adaptation of the recipes from what I’ve seen! Please post what you land on. Many of us can’t go absolutely crazy obtaining flavours super fast - so every opinion helps especially when compared to “real product” flavours.


Just a matter of experience and SFTs, just by looking at a recipe and the percentages used you understand a profile and what the mixer wanted to portray, from that, you understand if it can be swapped and go one way or another.

SFTs makes you understand that LB Greek yougurt is not really a Greek yogurt, but an overall good creamy yogurt, like CAP, but if you want a tang TFA greek is the go to (well not really… :it’s FLV’s rofl:) and on and on

How high is the yogurt in the recipe? Is it like Charlie Noble’s smoked Yogurt? or is it just a creamy base? Yogurt is a bit like coconut, low it supports a cream base, higher comes in front.

Only using this train of thoughts you’ll be able to understand IF it can be changed and with what, unfortunately you need a few yogurts that YOU like if you want to start the “swapping” game.


Yes the individual worked to create a mix that was best for themselves or a friend/customer. Just use other’s recipes as inspiration to create what’s best for you rather than a 1:1 copy. Just my opinion and how I use another’s creation.