Broke smok again

My smok epriv has just started not working. Put batteries in, smok comes up. When trying to fire it, doesn’t come on. Almost like the side buttons aren’t working.

Hit it REAL hard, finally came on. Is there a way to take it apart and clean it out?


Im not sure how to take apart a smok , but ive had to fix my smoant battlestar a couple times after dropoing it , i had to remove the battery sled , and be very careful bc the 510 is sodered to wires and is can be ripped out pretty easy


Of course. But you’re going to need a torx bit (most likely a T5) and some patience.

There’s a video by DJLsb here:

Which shows it disassembled (at the 5:12 mark) but at the end of the look inside, he does reassemble it (in fast forward) about the 7:10 mark.

It’s not hard to figure out the disassembly process (if you backtrack slowly). But the key thing to remember any time you are taking a mod apart for the first time, is to be patient and gentle! DON’T force anything. If you meet resistance, it’s often because there’s a screw you’ve missed!

Good luck!

(Oh! I’m betting after you see the ‘510’ assembly they’ve used… I’ll bet you won’t buy another Smok. :laughing: )




I’ve already said I wouldn’t buy another smok and yet I did it again.


I am having problem disasemmbling the smok e-priv. Can’t find it anywhere on google. I can get the screws out at the bottom but I need to know if those star screws going up the mod are actual screws or if they are just for looks. Anyone have a video?


Senior moment? (Post 3) :laughing:

To make it easier though…it looks to me like there’s:

  • 4 screws on the top

  • 3 screws under the battery door

  • And then the 2nd and 4th screws on the back (perspective doesn’t matter, since they are the same # from either vantage point)

That’s it as far as I can see.
I could be mistaken on the one nearest the 510 though… (depending on how you hold it)

PS; you owe DJLsb a beer! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you so much. I need to save this video.


I went ahead and bought an Invader 4x. No display, you set your dial for your coil. It seems to be ok. It’s really light and I like it so far.