Brown juice flowing from heater breathing holes


Anyone have the problem after a hit where brown liquid flows out of the juice holes inside the tank eventually turning all the juice in the tank brown and tasting burnt? I am using a herakles sub ohm tank and I have noticed this happens somewhere from 1-3 days after changing the coil. I am mixing at about 80/20 with 15-20% flavor, .25 pyure, .5 TPA sweetener and 2 scoops of EM crystals for a 30ml batch. I cook my juices for about 8 hours on warm in crock pot, shake and let them vent for about 15 - 30 min allowing them to cool and then add my 3% nic and let them sit for about a week. Almost all of my flavors are fruity flavor but have not noticed a difference between them. My wife uses an old aspire tank and does not have this so I am thinking it is because my tank is running higher…around 25-30W.


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Here is a thread with a similar question asked.

IMHO two things:
You are using an awful lot of sweetener, sweetener tend to caramelize when heated. when you vape on a coil for a few days it can build up a bit of residue on it. Have you ever taken a used one apart? Also what coil are you using? If memory serves correctly they make a 0.2 0.4 0.6. coil. which are you using. I vape on a Maganus subtank with a 0.2 ohm coil at 50 to 55 watts. I don’t add much if any sweetener to my mixes. I think the recipe I have with the most sweetener has 2% combined cotton candy (ethyl moltol) and marshmallow. I don’t get any colored backflow.
Second thing might be you cooking it for as long as you do. Before I got my UC I used to use a mini crockpot (they call it a dip warmer) filled with dry rice and I always use a meat thermometer when my juice would reach about 165 or there abouts I’d turn it off and let the juice bottle stay in the rice till it returned to room temp. Takes about 4 to 5 hours to cool down. The longer you heat it the closer you are to caramelizing it

This all is my opinion nothing set in stone regarding these practices and nothing saying your way isn’t fine or even better.


I am using food grade VG I got from amazon…99.7 pure. The coils I am using are .6 ohm. I added the EM because I was using .5% pyure and you could really taste it. My wife likes sweet stuff so I was trying to make it better for her. I can try not cooking the next batch as long and do have some marshmallo but was not sure about the percent. Below is one of my batches that does seem to do better but I am constantly adding something different to my tank so that may be part of the problem as well. I have not published anything yet because I am still playing with them. I also started using two different strawberry flavors after seeing other people doing it to get a richer or deeper taste. I tried to paste it in here but it is kinda hard to read. The last two numbers are the percentages. We have to use high VG because too much pg hurts our throat.


IngredientmlDrops %
Nicotine juice 100 mg (100% VG) 0.932 3
PG dilutant0.228 0.73
VG dilutant22.2777 74
Total base23.32817 77.73
(EM) Sweetener (TPA) 0.1560.5
10% Ethyl Maltol (TPA) 0.1560.5
Pyure0.083 0.25
strawberry - Lorann Oils 0.9323
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 2.484 8
Sweet Watermelon (CAP)3105 10
Totals301053 100

One more thing to note is that a couple days after it starts turning brown, I start getting juice leaking out of the vents in the bottom of my tank. I have tried to close then most of the way off thinking I was saturating the coil but it has not seemed to help much

Most likely the staining from the cotton flowing back into the tank.

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Don’t vape your juice below the top of the coil. Look at an old coil and you can literally see the burnt cotton at the top (ashes!). If you’re vaping juice all the way down to the juice holes in the coil it’s possible the top is getting dry enough to burn. Fill it more often. @Phill is correct it’s not your juice it’s your cotton (coil) Your coils will last longer too

Thanks. I will give it a shot and let everyone know if it helps.