Bubble gum all tpa flavors ( need steep?)

I recently made a bubble gum tfa and I tried it right after mixing and got almost zero flavor.
Strawberry ripe 5%
Bubblegum 6%
Bubblegum fruity 2%
Tutti fruity 2%
Does it need to steep. Almost zero flavor and I thought most fruits needed maybe overnight if none at alleast. Am I too light on flavors? I’ll try again tonight maybe depending on what you guys say. Target was 6mg nic. Not having much luck on flavors yet. I spent alot of money and I need something that taste good lol. I know it’ll get better though Ifor i keep learning and trying

I’ve used tpa bubblegum as low as 5% and up to I think 15% as a standalone. Depending on your tastes you might need to go higher, but I would most definitely let it steep before tweaking it. I feel like Fruity bubblegum is a little bit of a stronger flavor than regular bg, so 2% is probably fine especially in a mix with other gum flavors. sb ripe should be fine at 5% after a few days, but for more of a strong strawberry taste you might want to throw in another sb or two. I haven’t used tutti fruity, but the median % in mixes is 5%, so 2% might be just fine or possibly bump it up just a tad.
I usually make bubblegum mixes for the hubby, it’s been a while since I’ve vaped one, but he usually let’s them steep at least 4-5 days.
So yeah, you probably need a couple days for everything to meld together.

Ok kool.ill try it.