Bubblegum Recipe

Guys I know it’s not done to share recipes in here. That’s what we have the main site for. Here’s a bit of a back story though in December over the holidays I went to vape shops. Lots of them. I’ve tried with no success to create a sweet gumball (you would call it in America) in South Africa we call it chappies. That literally makes you droll when you vape it. I’ve been trying to make 3 things since my journey started. 1 clone something and 2. Flavors I know in food. So this being the general pub hope you will forgive me sharing a recipe here. No vape store in the city of Cape Town had what I wanted. There’s bubblegum sure. 90percent mixed with watermelon gross. I probably have every kind of bubblegum flavor available in my country and I couldn’t make it. Check my stash it’s public hehe. Anyway I hit upon it today, not everyone’s cup of tea but may be more than my cup of tea. About 8 months work and I discovered I was needing a particulor flavor.

Sweet juicy bubblegum. Exactly the way it should be. Beyond that adding in a certain percentage of whatever you like to this is just great. For example I love Acai berry. 2percent and it’s just as awesome but taste like acai. Hope this helps someone :slight_smile:


Really glad you were able to make something you loved :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@NecroticAngel… of course you can share recipes here… :wink: there are all kinds of goodies scattered on the forum… Im happy you are sharing now, and that your recipe is making you happy! I dont have your flavors… but I have a few gum recipes too I fall back on every now and then :smiley:


Sure! Have at it :grinning:

Copy the tiny URL and paste away!


Did you just draw on your screen with a marker? LOL





Good for you! :grinning: … you kept at it until you were happy! Hopefully, others will read of your success with that type flavor and perhaps solve problems of their own with the same flavor. :+1:


Wasn’t happy with any BG’s I untill I hit upon this one. But try and get the colorless version. This one is bright RED with food coloring. ;( (Delosi I liked also but needs 10+% to use)

But yea if you can find the colorless version it’s worth it IMO.

@NecroticAngel …I Know what ya mean about people always using watermelon for BG recipes. So I mod’ed BAD DRIP - Farley’s Gnarly Sauce Recipe (clone?) and came up with something that I like a lot for BG.

3.00% Bubblegum (LA)
3.00% Kiwi (FW)
1.50% Shisha Strawberry (INAWERA)
1.00% Cotton Candy (10% EM/Ethyl Maltol) (TPA)


Thanks so much :slight_smile: I haven’t been able to get the LA but I will ask my suppliers to get it for me they quite good about that!