Building on a Mutation X V4S on Alien 220w

I am brand new to this building thing. I have bought a Mutation X V4S to go on my Alien 220w. I bought the Coil Master DIY Kit, and tried for the last 2 hours to build using a youtube video.I have Nichrome 80 24 AWG wire and the Kanthal A1 24 GA Wire that came with the Coil Master DIY Kit, and I have the Native Wicks Cotton. The first time the coil burnt out and burnt the cotton before I could put juice, and the second time, the coil part fell off. Someone Please Please Help me out!!!

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Id practice w/ kanthal first, being cheaper. It sounds as if the wire wasnt tight, make sure the screws are tight. You prob threw all the power to one coil. The deck design is nice one to build on, id search youtube for a good build video for that atty. GL to u!

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The thing about watching on youtube is that they kind of go too fast and speed up the video. I haven’t found one that is slower for beginners who have never built before. Even the ones that say beginner on it.


I had to watch videos a couple of times. Also read a bunch of articles on safety, batteries, ohms law, and wire resistance. Also got a coil jig and that helped a lot. Bottom line be safe!

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Can you guys recommend any youtube videos?

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What are you trying to build?

What is the resistance you are trying to achieve, with what wire?

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I’m not even sure. lol. I’m really just trying to test e juices I made recently without wasting the coils in the baby beast. and once I would get the hang of it, I’d drip most of the time. I have the Nichrome 80 24 AWG wire and the Kanthal A1 24 GA Wire that came with the Coil Master DIY Kit.

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Id say start w/ same resistance u were doing w/ smok thang, which was?

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I seriously and highly suggest you read up on ohms law and battery safety before you start. It can be dangerous if you do not think or do not know how to build. It can be easy when you get the hang of it, but research is key.

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absolutely! this will help u fiqure out wraps u need after u do alot of reading about safety in building


You just need to keep practicing builds. You’ll get the hang of it. Just like with mixing for many folks the first few attempts don’t go so well…same goes for wicking.

Beyond that…for some of my rta’s wicking is an art form. Take your time. Be f’ing proud of a good wick job. Then vape the sh@t out of it and rebuild it again.

You will be so pumped when you get it right.

As for youtubers…see if grimmgreen, mikevapes, or Daniel djlsb vapes has one.


@faithsanchez, If you’ve never built / installed / wicked a coil, I would keep watching as many different build videos as possible first. – skullblade and worm1 are experts and their advice should be taken. You have an Alien 220, so you’re mostly safe.

It really is very simple, you just have to grok the process first. Once you understand it, it’s a magic OH DUH moment.

==[ start of long ramble… ]==
Below is how I do it, other people are magic and get things right the very first time, I am not that person. I like simple claptons in my RDAs and fused claptons in my RTAs, this is a simple kanthal coil to get you started.

With your Kanthal and your coil master kit, pull out the 3mm bit, wrap it 7.5 times (so both wires are pointing in the same direction, giving you a 0.7 ohm coil - if you point the legs of the wires away from you, you will count 8 wire loops), make a second coil also 7.5 times, IN THE SAME DIRECTION as your first coil, for dual coil you’ll now have a approx 0.35 ohm dual coil build (a lot of people here - not all - like 0.3 to - 0.5 ohm for flavor)

Insert first coil left leg into left post, right leg into right post - one leg goes to the top hole on one post on the deck, the other into the bottom hole on the other post depending on how you wrapped your coils. Leave around 1-2 mm space between the posts and the coil, so the coil is centered over the bottom air flow hole. Screw tight one side, adjust coil spacing from the post, screw the other side tight. Cut off extra wire (legs) sticking out the opposite side of the post.

Repeat with the other coil, but don’t cut off one of the legs. I use this to “dial in” the second coil so it heats up the same rate as the first coil.

Once both coils are installed and screwed down tight, adjust the voltage on your mod to around 30-40watts, and insert the coil master winding jig into each coil, and adjust up/down so they’re both even and parallel with the deck. Make SURE the coil is inside the build deck and not touching anything else (remember the atomizer cap goes on top of the build deck, so make sure the coil is INSIDE where the cap will be) Remove the jig.

NOW slowly pulse (temporarily push) the fire button multiple times to heat the coil/see if there are any hot spots (parts that heat up and turn red before any other part of the coil does) and strum/play with the coil to get rid of the hot spots if any. If both coils are heating up IDENTICALLY, great (skip the next paragraph). Maybe crank it up to 40-50 watts, pulse again and see if everything is heating up evenly. Let it cool, pulse it again and make sure both coils heat up evenly.

If they heat up at different rates, LET IT COOL DOWN. The one leg of the second coil that you didn’t cut, loosen the screw. If coil #2 heats up faster than coil # 1, you need to increase the resistance in coil #2 by adding more wire length to the coil side of coil # 2. If coil #2 is heating up slower than coil #1, you need to decrease the resistance in coil #2 by shortening the amount of wire on the coil side of coil # 2. Let it cool down completely, adjust the length of wire on coil # 2 by pushing or pulling on the leg, screw it tight, adjust the coil with the coil master jig so it’s even, level and centered over the bottom air flow hole and repeat until you get a nice even heating from both coils at the same time. Let it cool down and do 1 final test.

When both coils heat up evenly, turn off your mod. (5 clicks?) CUT OFF the long leg on coil #2.
Now Wick your new coils. Prime your new cotton with your e-juice, turn on your mod, do some test pulsing to age your coil / wick, add some more juice, crank up the wattage (start low and go up until it is comfortable for you), add the cap to your Mutation, and vape away.
==[ end of long ramble ]==

You can slow down /speed up the speed of the videos on youtube too. When the video is playing, hit the settings button at the bottom right of the video window, and choose the speed at which it is playing.

Good luck, but you really should do a LOT more research before attempting this, until you feel comfortable in the steps needed to do this well.
Put it all away for tonight, watch more videos tonight, get some sleep, and try this tomorrow… maybe. Have an experienced friend show you in person first ?


Well done. I would only add to read the res. before u start firing it and again after you are done your testing and have put the top cap and barrel on.


Around the 10 min mark

Or search for velocity build since you have a velocity styled deck


I would look at some of fresh03 video’s from a few years ago. He made a lot of mistakes in those himself but I learned a lot from that because you will also get to see how he fixed his mistakes.
The smooth, professional vids are very nice but not helpful for a beginner.

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Thanks guys!!! Very much appreciated!!

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Check out this video by GrimmGreen-It really covers all of the bases for the first-timer

I used to always link Rip Tripper’s Coil Building 101, but it’s gotten a bit outdated. Hope one of the videos listed here are of help to you-Good Luck!

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@faithsanchez You got a LOT of good advise above ^^^^. I do agree with using Kanthal as it’s easy to work with, cheap, and forgiving. I didn’t see anyone ask you any details, to maybe help you out more.

I’m not sure what you meant by “the coil burnt out”. Did you mean you accidentally fired your mod before you had juiced the wicks ? I don’t have an alien, and I’m assuming you checked the resistance, do you remember what it read ? When you said “the coil part fell off” did you mean maybe that one of the ends fell out, or maybe the screw was tightened too much, maybe breaking the wire ?

Like others have said, def. check your resistance before putting it on a mod for safety, making sure you don’t have any shorts. If you had some pictures that would REALLY help everyone help you.

I learned from that Ohm Boy Josh vid. It was good and he went fairly slow and good close up shots. :slight_smile: best of luck @faithsanchez!!

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