Bulk mixing advice needed please

Hey peeps quick (hopefully easy to answer) question…

when mixing a litre of 0mg liquid how can i factor the overall pg/vg ratio’s after a nic shot (in pg) has been added to the finished product?

lets say the ration for the 0mg is 70vg/30pg

assuming the nic shot is 18mg im confused how to calculate the concentrate/vg/pg ratios so there not messed up after the 18mg nic shot is added (in pg)

do i just reduce the pg down by 166ml (the nic ratio on my calculator) or so i just forget the nic when calculating & hope the flavor doesn’t suffer in the end?

hope that make sense to someone…cheers

I tested this on the calculator for you.

Created a blank recipe set at 3mg
required nic: 5.18g required pg: 4.15g

at 0mg

Required PG: 9.33

subtract 9.33 from 4.15 = 5.18(the amount of nicotine originally added)

Meaning, yes you should be able to just omit that same amount of PG and add it in later with your nic. Your first assumption was correct.


thanks for the reply. could i ask if i were to do this, vaping the juice at 0mg might not taste correct to the recipe? am i right there…

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Ok, I really don’t think I’m understanding the question. If I wanted to make a liter of bulk e-liquid without the nicotine added, I would punch everything including the nicotine into a calculator and simply not put the nicotine in the bottle until later.

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You would be missing a large portion of your pg due to the nic being omitted. So you are correct.

Before vaping you’d want to add the extra PG, or NIC to your mix.

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that was my initial thought but some people vape 0mg & dont bother with nic so im thinking the 0mg juice might taste abit naff without the extra pg nic shot as it would be roughly 1/6th down in a 60ml bottle (50ml juice - 10ml nic shot missing).

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yeah, thats where im stuck as the best way to tackle it for the majority. could i ask your thoughts on whether you would mix the recipe forgetting the nic in the calculations & just hope it doesn’t wreak the juice or remove the correct ratio of pg to cover the nic on the other end… when i read this back its even pickling my head so apologizes in advance buddy.

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I only mix for myself, so I can’t say what the most convenient way to do it would be. I’d probably just make different batches, one without nic, and the others with the required amount.

I wouldn’t recommend just omitting the nic in the calculations, especially since you’re only using 18mg.

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Good point. Good question.

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Invest in some 100mg nicotine base. A lot easier for calculations if you don’t use a calculator and can compute simple ratios in your head. Not to mention, it lasts A LOT longer and you don’t have to use huge amounts, thusly enabling high VG blends. As always, handle with great care and store properly. I too would recommend just batching your different levels. If you’re confused about this stuff it’s just safer that way and less of a headache for you in the long run. Hope all this helps👍🏻


That may not be an option for some due to the TPD

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@woftam good point, neglected to factor that in.

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As many have already said, calculate it assuming the ratio of nic that you would use and then just leave that portion out. When you want to mix some 0mg for someone, add PG in place of nic. If you’re wanting to do nic, add nic. If you want to do less nic, you’ll have to compensate for the extra missing nic with PG.

Alternatively, just make the recipe a flavor base instead. Infinitely easier to compute and the calculator will even do all the math for you. :slight_smile: