Bull City Vapor Cyber Monday Sale Nov. 30

I was doing a little shopping and see that BCV will be having a cyber Monday sale.20% off on all imported flavors.


I’ve already got my shopping cart crammed full of flavors (mostly tobaccos); Monday morning at 12:01 A.M., I’ll be hitting the buy button before everything is out of stock! :wink:

What do they consider imported flavors?

Got this shipped today wanted NYcheese cake before they discontiue it.
x New York Cheesecake-Cap
(Size: 4oz (120ml))
1 x Sweet Tangerine-Cap
(Size: 13ml Original Packaging)
1 x Ripe Strawberry-TFA
(Size: 30ml)
1 x Juicy Peach-TFA
(Size: 4oz (120ml))
1 x Banana-Cap
(Size: 13ml Original Packaging)
1 x Simply Vanilla-Cap
(Size: 13ml Original Packaging)

Wait… they are discontinuing New York Cheesecake???

I read it on hear some where that there changing it.

Ordering now!

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Which CAP and TFA/TPA flavors