Bull City Vapor ~ Discount Code

Any good deals on flavors, good codes for bull city?

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I believe we get 6% off at BCV with: ELRecipes

Let me know if that’s still working if ya win! :wink:

BCV rarely offers coupon codes due to their fairly low pricing already. :+1:


Def still works. I just used it 3 days ago :thumbsup:


Yup, used it less than a week ago as well. Still working.

If there are folks here that have been waiting for BCV to get Hangsen concentrates in stock again…it won’t be long. This from Drew at BCV:

Hi Jim,

Our shipment is in Cincinnati waiting release from customs, I’m really sorry it’s taking so long to get this in!


So, hang in there! :grinning:

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Drew at BCV says as of 4/5/16, their Hangsen shipment is stocked and ready to go. :grinning:

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Yup…I received my email as well, notifying me that my long awaited flavors were in. So I just got my order in today!
I want to add this, as well:
This is how great BCV is…every time I makes an order, whether it be BCV or another company, I always write in the comments: all free samples welcome. And if its a site that carries juices, I include my nic level. Most times, most places give me free samples…BCV always sends me a sample. Today I received an 8ml sample of Hangsens cream. I’ve not tried this particular cream, so I’m excited I’ve received something that is new to me!
I’ll probably use it today even…:slight_smile:


Never hurts to ask! :grinning:

Heck, just today I emailed a company concerning whether or not they carried a certain concentrate and on the return email was a good answer and a 25% off coupon code for the concentrate brand in question. Free is better, but hey, I’ll take a coupon code for now. :grinning:


I think these companies that make their own in-house juices are NUTS for not putting those little samplers in every order. If I am understanding what I have heard & read, the profit on those juices is insanely high. Like drug dealer high. And I, for one, would absolutely go back to a vendor that slipped me a little unsolicited free bee so long as they didn’t totally screw up my order. Hell, I even like STICKERS for god’s sake and in a close call between vendors that would totally make the difference.

So for pennies they get good will with customers as well as possibly hitting the mark with someone who just goes bananas for a flavor you gave them. Seems like win-win to me.

Giving all my good ideas away now…

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New 10% discount code for BCF Is: JV10

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For any who don’t know if you are a supporting member at VU you can pm Roundhouse for a permanent 11% off code exclusive to you.