Bumps on Tongue

Does anyone have bumps on the back of their tongue? My wife and I have since we started vaping.

I don’t get them on my tongue but I do get littles bumps on the roof of my mouth and they hurt for a little while then disappear… I think it due to strong fruit flavours so I have to have mild fruit Vapes

I haven’t noticed any. I get a really " dry throat " when I’ve vaped something with too much PG. and being its summer I have a water bottle with me at all times. Maybe if your not drinking a fair amount of water increase your intake and see if that helps.

Also on a weird but still vape related side note. You may want to pick up some tongue scrapers to add to your dental hygiene every bit helps and swishing with listerine each night. Don’t be over rough though with the scrapers let your " tolerance " build up to it otherwise your tongue may be sore.

My thought is it’s something regarding acid ? Your sure it isn’t canker sores … Those are super super painful and usually derive from too much dairy in your diet thou it doesn’t sound like it from what your saying.

how long have u been vapin??? I’ve heard of vapers tounge???

6 months we buy and mix our own

No not painful or sore

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Well that’s a relief ! And you never had these before ? I mean everyone’s tongue has bumps and ridges so to speak. Hmm have you switched products recently ? Or have you started using something the both of you don’t normally use ie. Toothpaste, sodas?

I haven’t heard anyone speak of this before. Maybe google it and see if other vapers have experienced the same. Maybe someone here can help. I’d say if it isn’t painful or disruptive then just keep an eye on it. It is interesting thou.

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I was getting painful taste buds on my tongue and quite a few canker sores but have seen that it can be from stress. I was under some of the most stressful times but I don’t know.

Bumps are normal, but are they bigger/sore?

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