Bunch of random questions

Pls help
2% FA Glory and 0.5% FA Black Fire 4% ry4 2% mild black 1%smooth

2% glory and 0.5%

Both taste brilliant but they kill the throat and chest…
What can I do to smooth it down Af?

Next is…
I want to find a pineapple flavour or combination of pineapple that taste like cool drink…
Pls guys help

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First question to help you out. How long did you age your mixes? 1 day, 1 week, 3 weeks?

Second…the top line…Black an ry4…is that one mix?

Third…what is your pg/vg ratio?

These answers will get the ball rolling.

One early answer is MTS FA can help smooth some edges. So could an addition of fresh cream FA 0.25% could help a bit…without adding a milk note.

I suspect steeping needs to be longer and percents may be a bit too high.


Something else is wrong, I can vape 2% FA Glory, 3% FA Soho, 1% Vienna Cream and .5% Black Fire and it vapes smoothly and without any harshness at all. What kind of Nic are you using and strength level? I think your Nic is either too strongly mixed, went bad or from a vendor that sucks.


Black is a tobacco flavour.
I steep for 2weeks
70/30 ratio
6mg nic

I have no idea, but all this talk about tobacco juice makes me want to vape some Soho.

Those two I posted are good ones

Do you have a recommendation for soho?

8% is my sweet spot.