Buttercream frosting sc (FW) cost per ml drop per ml

How and where do you find this ratio and cost for any flavour for this matter. I don’t get this part or I’m just missing it somewhere. If I’m going to do something…I want to do it right. Also I have checked all the flavours and i’ve checked flavour page which I think may be the same thing but I can’t seem to find this peticular brand and flavour. Ive also been on their website and cannot find anything there either.

im looking right at it it is flavour west


That flavor is from Wonder Flavours (WF) not Flavor West (FW)

As far as cost it just depends on what you pay for it. Drops per ml varies, most put it at 50 drops, I use 48 drops per ml


It is flavour west.20210428_100341|225x500


Oh Butter Cream, that is different than Buttercream Frosting, here is the correct flavor for what you have.


Please use a scale and don’t measure in drops


@ladycrooks you’ve got some good responses thus far, I’ll continue it, and add screenshots. The smaller the bottle you buy, the more you will pay per ml for the flavor. The bigger bottle you buy, the less you will pay per ml.

As always, you should TRY small, and if you like it, THEN buy big, to cut costs. Whatever bottle size you buy, you can enter it into your stash, including bottle size, and cost you paid. Here is an example of one I buy in 500ml bottles.

Make sure to SAVE after you’ve enter your info, THEN, when you build a recipe, and if you’ve saved all of your flavors with sizes and costs, you can see the cost per recipe (this also assumes you’ve done the same for VG/PG/NIC).

Here’s one I mix up 1000ml at a time.

Snap 2021-04-28 at 17.41.15


@ladycrooks once you’ve entered your flavors, sizes, and costs, you can then go to your Preferences, and add in your PG/VG/NIC sizes and costs.



I don’t use a scale and I have been mixing for 7 years now.


Congrats :tada:. I guess. However, do you think you should be instructing new comers to measure in drops. Some drops are big, some drops smaller. It’s just not as accurate as a scale that measures to .01 gram.


Hehe @Vaper_Queen if you only knew how many (pointless) arguments I’ve had over the drops vs. grams thing, hehe.

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE that moving from volume to weight mixing was the BIGGEST single thing I did for my mixing, and a huge, HUGE improvement at that. I never got into mixing by drops, and you DID cite one of the BIGGEST issues with it, which is drop size. It CAN indeed vary wildly from MFG to MFG, and bottle to bottle, etc. Mixing by weight (for me) proved/proves to be just TO damned consistent, easy, and quick.

Now, unpacking this whole Q#$%W%$%^ mess, if you WERE to mix by drops, as long as you weren’t using ultra concentrated flavors, the “error” might just be insignificant, i.e. weaker flavors, +/-, you might not even notice. The STRONGER the flavors are however, THEN you may start to notice a far greater impact.

If (by some chance) you were able to put ALL of your flavors, in identical bottles and tips, MAYBE you could start to improve accuracy, BUT, I’ve always wondered about the viscocity of the actual flavor, and/or base, as THAT would also work to change how much is squirted out with each drop.

Deal breaker ?? End of the World ?? Probably not.

Although mixing by drops is not for me, I can appreciate the simplicity of just counting drops all the way through a mix.

IMO, whatever in the hell gets you INTO mixing, and OFF cigarettes, is a winner, winner, chicken dinner. I no longer get into the endless debates over it. I have taught (mostly local, but some online) dozens of people how to mix DIY, and I always START things off by explaining, “I"m going to show you how I do it, but you’re free to do whatever YOU want”.

Mix how YOU want.


I use a scale daily…wayy before mixing juice im much more familiar with gram weight the drop thing is just almost sketcy to me. Not nearly as accurate.


Well your ratio all depends on your SFT results which, in turn depends on your taste buds. For example…I have difficulty tasting strawberry flavors so my ratios are usually higher than average. That’s why making notes as you test is important.

As for cost per ML that depends on where you purchase it from.



Did you see me instruct that? no you did not. I said I don’t use a scale!!!


Yeah. I just want people to be successful. I started with syringes and all of that. I really struggled with it. It’s so much easier for me to use a scale, my mixes come out so much better and precise. But. Yeah. If it’s what you want to do and it keeps you from smoking then do your thing :purple_heart: love you flavor reviews!!


Thank you @Vaper_Queen.