Buttertart (sc)(wf)

This any good? This Buttertart,),(sc)(WF)?"
Cuz i kinda got 30mls coming.
Also )Oak Wood (FA)?
Also I got this the other day think
With this and the concentrates and my barell and my oak chips too much oak?
I don’t really even know why I am so determined to have oak flavouring im my vanillas and perticulary my custardss anyway
I just am


Oakwood taste more like smoked oak chips u put on a grill to me but alot sweeter… not a bad thing tho… it has a nice kinda spice backnote flavor I suppose… (I’m not sure of the word I’m looking for)., it wasn’t very strong, but I’ve threw it in a couple things & it paired pretty well…, I just didn’t try it any higher like I said I would. I tried it at 1% & I figured it’d give me the perfect accent I was looking for… but now tht I’m thinking a/b it, I’m gonna try it @ 2% to see where tht stands b/c 1% did seem a little light…, haven’t tried the buttertart tho…