Buying bottles now, where?

Ive been getting my bottles mostly from heartland vapes, loved their pricing and selection.
Now, because of the stupidest government postal service law ever passed, I cant buy bottles from them anymore.
I like the soft plastic round shouldered 60 mils with the needle tips, and like to keep a bunch of 30 mils around as well.
Also, i like the 4 ouncers with the twist top for mixing batches i know i like or want to share.
Who y’all getting your bottles from now?


@Chef_Johnny I have been using SKS forever. Take some time to look around, as they have a LOT of options. I exclusively buy ALL my 60ml and 120ml Cosmo bottles w./ twist caps from them.

Thanks to @fidalgo_vapes I started buying most of my smaller bottles from


Thank you for mentioning them…I gave up on them during the first few months of Covid bc they were always OOS …ill have to check them out again Great Company Dropper Bottles


Yeah last time I check dropper bottles they had what seemed like 4 bottles to choose from. And stock issues.
Maybe they’ve come around…
Ill check out sks!
Thanks gents.