Buying junk

I’m new, by some standards, to this hobby.

I’m coming up on my 1 year anniversary of my last combustible cigarette as a result of having discovered the vaping hobby.

In the last year since I quit smoking and started vaping I’ve purchased a lot of tanks and mods. Some were smart and thought out, others bought on clearance on a whim, and I’ve managed to build a pretty sizable collection of stuff.

In the interest of getting into beginner coil building and off the pre-built coils game somewhat, I did a little research into RTA’s.

I liked the idea of the profile rebirth or some such, and even ordered 5 of them when 8-vape had a sale on them for around 6 bucks, only to find out (after I paid for them and a bunch of other things to get the free shipping) that they weren’t in stock.

So I went elsewhere and sprung the full 30 bucks for the Kylin-m by Vandy Vape.

I love it.

It gave me the confidence to “build”, since, other than being careful when wicking it, it was pretty easy to put together.

My point?

Sometimes it’s best to throw a little money at something you really want than just ordering every dumb clearance item you can get your find.

I’ve spent many an evening purchasing a couple things that look interesting and then bolstering my order with another 30 bucks worth of crap to achieve the free shipping, and then I get 54 dollars worth of crap.

Sometimes best just to order the 25 bucks worth of something nice and just pay the shipping.

It is fun sometimes though.

Especially after a couple of beers.

This Kylin M is so nice.

No dry hits, it chugs like a freight train, and just keeps going.

And I know that at the first hint of something “off” or burnt, all it takes is 8 minutes of my time and a couple pennies worth of cotton. So nice.


I have to agree with your take on the Kylin M, I am running two of them constantly.
So yes, buy something that is really good and that you really believe will be amazing, and ditch the load of crap needed to reach the free shipping.


Or you could take another lesson from it… Suck it up and pay the $4-$8 minimal shipping fee, and be out far less! :laughing:


I use 3 Profile Unitys and have no problem wicking them (now). However, I got a Kylin m two months ago and have yet to successfully wick it. I just keep getting dry hits. I kind of gave up on it. Why flog a dead horse… :grinning:


Don’t give up on it. I have one also and fortunately I haven’t encountered any wicking issues. I wick it pretty much the same as the Profile RDA. Make sure your mesh is precisely formed in a crescent shape, using that little shaping tool thingy. Any odd bends or creases will create a problem. And your wick needs to be thick enough where it seems like it almost won’t fit. Mesh is unforgiving and the wicking needs to pressed up against it at every conceivable point…or you’ll get a hotspot.

Keep trying. It’ll be worth the effort once you have it dialed in!


Stovetops are the same way. I can see why @Dan_the_Man uses them to flavor test because they’re so fast to change the wick. But they are tricky for every day use.


Best way to stop buying junk is to spend a bit more money one time (the sooner the better) on good equipment. You won’t be wanting or needing anything else anymore.


I’ll give it another shot today. I’ve been wicking it like the Unity so I’ll try it like the Profile.