Buying LorAnn flavoring locally?

Well from doing a little research I have seen numerous stores in my area, from wal-mart to hobby lobby, that carry LorAnn super concentrate candy flavoring. Which essentially is what your buying anyway. Has anyone bought any LorAnn flavoring locally from a store?

I personally do not buy LorAnn flavors because most I talk to say out of all the major flavor companys, they are the worst. I have learned that even with that said it doesn’t mean that a company can’t hit spot on with a few flavors. Anyway, the reason for my post is somewhere in our forum here was a link to a LorAnn flavor guide which I saved. Possibly this can help…LorAnn Flavor Guide. Hope this helps…

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Yes I’ve bought a slew of them. It’s best to check out which ones aren’t vapable d/t oils and flavor coloring thou to save you $. I’ve bought some at Walmart and a local bakery.
Google Lorann Oils which ones are safe in DIY and there will be a nice color coded graft you can save to your phone as a bookmark so you’ll always have it.

Ooh sorry ^ ringling posted it ! Nice job

Thanks just took a look at that chart. I have never tired LorAnn flavoring mainly flavor west but on my last order I order a dram of pina colada mainly to bring my total up to a even number and lucky from that chart i saw its in the safe category.

Hi Amy2. The link I provided above probably is that graph you are talking about. Ooooop I read too quickly too. I see, that you saw, what I saw, when we all saw, what I saw. Did you see that? LOL

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I use a couple LA flavorings that i buy at Hobby Lobby. I use Bavarian Cream and Cream Cheese Icing. Very few LA flavorings so not contain food coloring and those that do should be used very sparingly. The LA Banana Cream in my recipes is colorless, a group buy was ran on Reddit to order it. Botboy had to order 5 gallons as it is the minimum they will mix in a colorless blend. Some of their flavorings are quit good but the food coloring kills it for me.

I feel the same way stupid food coloring.

Lol I did c that ! Hahaha

Only place ive found that has some colorless LA flavorings:

They have 4 flavors Grape, Peach, Raspberry and Watermelon

These flavors are very candy like. I love the Grape and Watermelon.