Cactus question

Hey, so I’m trying to make the wonder worm, and I noticed that cactus (kactus) (INA) is listed on most recipes. My fiancé bought cactus concentrate (INA) from bull city flavors. Will this work? He couldn’t find the other one that was specified. I’m not sure if it’s because the recipes are old (2016-2018) and the kactus one doesn’t exist anymore, or if it’s an entirely different flavor that’s required.


They are one in the same.

PS: Which one are you looking to mix? Post a link and lemme take a gander.


I can’t find the recipe as I didn’t save it, I just wrote it down when I had found it. I also found another variation in the comments that I plan to try. Both without nicotine at first.

3% cactus
5% grape candy (was also suggested at 1% so I’ll try both)
1.5% super sweet
VG to finish

1.5% cactus
1.25% grape candy
.15% sweet and tart
10% watermelon
VG to finish

I’ll be making a couple different bottles, because it’s for a friend and he will be the one to tell me if it’s close to the juice or not.


3% cactus is a LOT, i use it in the .5% or lower range, for the most part. I can impart an aloe taste at higher %s. 1.5% Super Sweet is pretty heavy too, i generally use Sweetness FLV in the .2-.4% range, most of the super sweets are similar.


Oh wow, thanks for the heads up! I’ll take it down a little in one of the bottles, and see how well it works out. I’m gonna play around with the percentages, I have a handful of 30 mL cups free to use for all of them.


Good luck and holler if you need any help.


Agreed @Ken_O_Where. Once I got the aloe taste, I could never use it again, despite the “juicy-ness” it affords.


May I suggest making smaller test mixes. 10-15mm at the most until you settle on a finale mix.
I agree with Ken with the percentage of Cactus. At 3% it burns my throat. I use it more for adding wetness. .5 does that for me.


Mix up 3% Cactus with just PG/VG. No sense in wasting other flavors first. Then adjust and you’ll find the right level, but I’d bet it ain’t 3%.


If he’s trying to clone the profile of a commercial recipe, it’ll be loaded with sugar…or maybe, it’s for a POD, and I can see the 1.5% of SS, otherwise… meeehh