Caffeinated vitamin supplemented juice

Has anyone had any experience in this new “trend” of adding caffeine, vitamins or supplements to their ejuice?
Personally I believe it to be a farce but recently I had a friend make a juice with some caffeine powder he had purchased. Curious I gave it a try and to be honest it did absolutely nothing for me and I’m a caffeine junkie!
I think this is the good ol placebo effect at work here, because he swears by it now and says it gives him so much more “clean” energy without the jittery buzz that a caffeine pill gives…

I dumped it out after trying it and I also tried to do a little research on it and I have found that it is actually extremely toxic to inhale like this…

But I am also hearing more and more about people adding vitamins or supplements and I fear its going down roads like this that can actually hurt the vaping community forcing some form of a regulation down the road because where will it stop?

I really didn’t find that much information about vaping caffeine or what not and was curious to hear your thoughts or experience on it.

As for me if I want some caffeine I’ll go get a coffee or red bull thank you very much! :wink:

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From what I’ve read vaping caffeine and vitamins has no effect. Sounds like it’s just a way to charge more for liquid. I agree that it hurts the vaping community. Adding unnecessary/potentially dangerous stuff to eliquid is just gonna speed up the regulation process.

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Agreed…but that also seems like the road we are going down with everything these days and you hit the nail on the head about finding a way to charge more for liquid!

I’m waiting for the protein vape next…

No kidding… I dread the day when I’ll have to ask for MSG free ejuice.

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Umm excuse me sir (he says in his snobby voice) is this juice certified organic

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It’s quite unlikely that caffeine in your juice will have any effect on you, esp. if you were a caffeine addict to begin with. The dose is far too small. Haven’t read any accounts of how much of that caffeine in your vapour gets absorbed in the end, so that’s a concern as well. Shouldn’t be toxic, though - looked stuff up n all, just don’t have time to retrieve the links now. :wink: In the beginning, caffeine in your juice was meant to create the throat hit you normally get from your nic, in order to help people get off nicotine - and onto another addiction that will mess up your sleep even more. Yay.

As for vitamins… yeah, it’s not even said they get absorbed by inhalation. And on top of that, there’s the problem with the daily dose again: if you make it concentrated enough to make any difference, you risk getting too much vitamins (yes, too much vitamins actually is toxic). On the other hand, if you want to avoid that (such as it is done with those vitamin additives solved in water) the concentration will be too low to have much of an effect. So… why bother?

When all is said n done, it’s just a marketing trick to charge more for their juice, I agree. If you mix yourself, save a penny and keep vaping regular juice. :smile:


There will be no escaping that because they have their minds set on regulations to protect big tobacco, pharma and tax dollars flowing in. Any excuse will do. They haven’t banned cars because of idiots driving drunk and killing people or speeding on small country lanes. They haven’t banned fracking because of rising numbers of stillborn babies (I could add more examples but you catch my drift), but any idiot mixing a wrong mix or blowing himself up with an unregulated pipe bomb will get the maximum attention and will bring forth new regulations and bans :grimacing:


This is one of the discussions I found claiming it to be toxic in this form. I will go back and link the other actual science claims I came across…

About 1:19 I think;

It doesn’t matter to me one way or another because I wont be using it :wink: