Cake batter recipe?

I’m looking for a cake batter liquid, I’ve attempted to make a recipe that tastes similar but I have had no luck. One of my favorite tasting things in this world just so happens to be cake batter.
Any help would be appreciated greatly.


I have given up on cake batter, because I can’t even make it a day without changing coils. Yep every one I tried is a coil gunker.


I really enjoy a good cake batter ice cream milkshake ( to drink ) but to vape i have tried making simple recipes , complex recipes and they all seem to be taught to dry with a nasty note almost like if you put baking soda in your mouth … Not sure why but i have put that one off , i could link all my different attempts and you could see what not to do lol


Oh no never give up on a CAKE BATTER! One of these is right for you. Good hunting

I only have one, and got lucky it’s so yummy - Delosi. But it’s just a little light like a Marshmellow feel. It’s not thick. But nothing that 0.5% Vanilla Shisha won’t fix. Actually I am tossing out my TPA Marshmellow cause I just don’t get anything from it except a mouth feel and using the cake batter for Marshmellow instead. :

Cookie Dough and Cake Batter


One of the better one’s I’ve tried. I omitted the EM though…


Reminds me of one of my favorite threads but it looks like he took all of his videos down

Nope, just a name change. The video is at the bottom of the thread now


Still hilarious .