Cake flavor recipes?

I need some help please send me some idea. Let me vape your brain… :disappointed_relieved:

FW has a nice yellow cake. Also cake batter from vapor shots. Idk what type of ideas you were in search of but you can make a cake stone and add it to fruits as well as custards. Hope this helps. I’m sure so there is so many good cake flavors out there ppl will share but the two I’d mentioned are the ones I’ve worked with this far. I have cake batter from Capella’s on the way so well c how that turns out.


Thanks i got cake batter coming as well. What is a good cake% base to start with? Im going to go for a butter tutti fruity cake batter? Just trying to get some basic ideas before i go wasting my flavors

It depends on the maker of the flavor. Take a 3 ml bottle put pg/ vg in it at the ratio you like best to vape for me it’s usually around 30pg /70vg don’t add the Nic and start to play with your flavor % in your cake batter start like 3% taste that see if it works for you if not try going up to 4% and so on.small batches like this will help you get to know your flavor profile and you don’t waste the most expensive of the products nicotine. You will be able to get a better handle on a flavor when it’s isolated like this once you know the % of your base flavor start adding your tutti fruiti which almost all tutti fruiti’s are lower end % rates 2-4% again depends on the maker and you. Hope this helps. It sure helps me when I am unfamiliar with a flavor taste like.


Thanks so much most flavors are cap or tfa i heard la isnt the greatest. Im going to try them still thi.

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