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Hi folks, pardon my ignorance but I’m new to all this but would one folks be kind enough to explain to this noob exactly how the input values work and what they mean. I am clear on the VG and PG ratios and the amount to make, but I’m fuzzy on the following:

  1. Is the nicotine strength the amount of nicotine in the nic mix? The store told me that the nic they sold me was 38% strength, is that right?
  2. The heading “Desired Strength”, what does that refer to? The nicotine strength? Is that the amount of nic you put in?

Any advice/help would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance…

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Desired strength is the strength you want to have in your actual mix.
Nicotine Strength is how strong the Nicotine is that you are using.

The Nicotine you got isn’t 38% in strength it is actually 3.8% which equals 38mg per ml

Had your Nicotine been 38% in strength it had been at 380mg per ml.

Hope that helped you out a little.


The heading “Desired Strength” is for the amount of nicotine you want in your FINISHED juice(That’s why it’s grouped with the desired VG/PG ratio and total volume of juice, I would gather) The second heading of “Nicotine Strength” refers to the strength of the nicotine that you’re adding to the juice(In your case: 38 mg/ml) The next two, the PG Content and VG Content of Nicotine is to input in what your nicotine is suspended. 100%VG? 100%PG? 50%VG, 50%PG? This is important, as the Calculator will subtract the nicotine carrier liquid from the total ratio that you specified at the top of the page.

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Thanks ever so :yum:

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There’s also a really handy guide:


Thanks JoJo :yum:

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