Calculating a premixed dilutant of VG 70% / PG 30%?

Hi There,

So I am new the world of DIY - been vaping for years.

So - I have a 1lt bottle of 70/30% VG/PG dilutant and I want to make this recipe:

Am I right in saying I cannot calculate the dilutant the way it is on there? As it is a premixed dilutant?
The nicotine is correct, I have a bottle of 7.2% in VG.

In which case, how would I calculate this to get it as close to the 70/30% (and hopefully keep at 4mg nic)?

Thanks! And BTW, great community - can’t wait to advance and hopefully join in making some great recipes soon.

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Enter these values in the Calculator and your desire nic content in the green box.

This should work by the info you have provided.


Hi Pro_Vape

Thanks for the info - so taking in to account what you have put, it shouldn’t matter that I have a pre-mixed VG/PG dilutant?

So for example, the recipe calls for 3.87g PG & 26.49 VG - which means that I would just add 30.36g (26.49 + 3.87) of my pre-mixed solution?

Wouldn’t this mean that because my flavours are PG based and I have 12%, that the total PG will go up by 12%? (So it would end up being a 58/42 VG/PG mix?

I don’t mind this too much, but if there was a way to get it to stay 70/30 without applying rocket science - then I would prefer that!!


For some. reason I didn’t take the flavors into consideration. I just thought you wanted see how to enter the premixed base. Sorry if I screwed things up.

Any added pg would be in addition to your 30% pg premix since you can’t reduce that amount from your base.

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Your premix is 7.2% which is 72 mg/ml not 7.2mg (unless i am reading wrong)

Do not vape 72mg/ml nic it will make you very very sick.

Jic that is what you were going to do.

No I realise that!

Maybe I wasn’t clear - I have a 500ml bottle of 7.2% Nicotine in VG and I also have a 1 Litre bottle of flavourless 70/30 VG/PG base (with no nicotine in it)

So I was just doubting my maths about maintaining a 70/30 VG/PG after I add my nic solution and my flavours. It doesn’t look like it will be possible as the ratios are wrong.

But I have a doubt, as if I have a pre-mixed base as above - doesn’t that mean I should use the “Max VG” option? I know it isn’t max but surely the total grams of the PG and VG in the recipe won’t be the same volume if I totalled those and used that amount of my pre-mixed base? (Sorry if this is a confusing statement!)

I have a recipe I’m gonna try out (a rise clone I found and adapted to 120ml):

So in my recipe if my maths checks out -
Starting with a 70/30

  • I then add 5.56% of Nictine in VG which means 5.56% added to VG, so now it will be = 75/25 VG/PG
  • I then add 17% of PG-based flavour, so that = 58/42 VG/PG in the end.

Is that correct? And if so, will that make that much of a difference to flavour compared to the 70/30 I got?

Thanks in advance, I appreciate your help

In my tired state yes i think the maths check out and no it will not make a huge difference to the flavour (it will make some it will likely be stronger) you will notice a difference in the throat hit.


In which case I shall give it a go!

My last thing I am unsure about is the issue with selecting “Max VG” on the calculator or not. Or just combining the weights of the PG + VG?

i would just select max vg