Calculating nicotine strength level whith PG/VG base mixed with nicotine

Hi there,I am kind of new to this Vaping and DIY recipes. Noticed that there is a nicotine entry for most recipes related to nicotine base strength. In the calculator in this site it mentioned 50ml or 72ml.

When I buy already mixed PG/VG with nicotine- usually the nicotine level is from 0 -24ml.
So for example, if I use PG/VG base mixed already with nicotine at 3ml strength how it translate to the number in the calculator?(50-72ml)

Additionally, if I have PG/VG base mixed already with nicotine, do I have to add additional nicotine liquid:?

\appreciate any assistance.


When you purchase your nicotine you will need to buy something stronger than what you intend to mix. Many use 100mg/1ml nicotine but I purchase and use 36mg/1ml nicotine there is a space in the calculator to enter that information, as well as what your nicotine is diluted with, for instance I use 50%pg/50%vg that is entered also in the space for your nicotine. Then when you create a recipe you enter the target nicotine level and the calculator will tell you how much additional PG and VG you will add to reach your target strength.

hope this helps

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Thank you, you talk the cosmic truth:slight :):slight_smile:

If you decide to continue to use the nic base that is at 3mg, that is what you put into the calculator under nic strength. You will have to adjust your desired strength and/or PG/VG ratio until the red warning goes away.

Like Cosmic said, if you want to be really precise with your final strength and ratio, you’ll need to buy nic base that is stronger. I buy 100mg nic in PG. I typically dilute some of it to 24mg for working with cuz I don’t like the idea of working with 100mg and I like leaving the bottle out with the rest of my mixing stuff.

It’s all personal preference in the end. If you don’t mind your final strength being less and your PG/VG ratio being a little skewed, it’s fine to use a lower strength like 3mg.

I have a question bout liquid nic, the bottle from ecigg express says 6mgg/ml…about 20 drops is one ml if i have a 58ml bottle about how many drops of this liquid would i need to make this whole bottle of diy eejuice 6mg?

if you have 6mg nic base unflavoured you cannot make any juice 6mg. Do you have a photo of the label of your nicotine base

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I made that silly mistake when i started out. i bought 12mg nic thinking to make 12mg finished juice but calc. obviously said dumb ass w/o giving reason. Thats when i stumbled into irc to ask where i havent left.
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here is the picture of my bottle… I know it’s around 20 drops equals a ml, my bottles of pg vg Flav are about 50 ml… I know there are calculators, I’ve tried those… Would it work just to drop ten drops in my tank of juice and vape on it all day? 3mg would be ten drops and plenty for me throughout the day , equivalent supposedly to 3 ciggs? I appreciate your help.

Ya it is just not possible to add 6mg/ml unflavoured nic to a juice and come out with 6mg/ml finished juice

If your target nic is 3mg that would equate to using half of that bottle for a 30ml mix with flavoring and base so it would be 50% unflavored nic at 6mg/ml so thats 15 ml and lets just say 10% flavoring which would be 3 ml and dilutant at 40% would be 12 ml.

What target nic are you shooting for ?

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without knowing the finished pg/vg % of that juice, id make it simple and just use the 2 in 1:1 ratio,giving u 3mg finished juice