Calculator adding PG to 70/30 Recipe

I have searched the forum and could not locate an answer to my question about the calculator.

I want a mix of 70VG/30PG with the 30PG consisting of flavorings.

Nicotine Base: 24mg
Target Nicotine Level: 6mg
Amount to Create: 30ml
Flavor 30%

VG Nicotine: 7.5ml
VG: 13.5ml
Flavors: 9ml

I am using the Sugar Drizzle recipe. My nicotine VG plus VG should come out to 70%. Adding 9ml of PG flavors should be the only PG I need to add. However, the calculator shows I need to add 5+mg of PG to dilute.

Post a screen shot or link to the mix :+1:


Your numbers look fine without adding more pg, I used strawberry just as an example unless you are using a non pg carrier based flavor.
Screenshot (6)


He may not have his mixing components set up or saved correctly, Just a hunch :slight_smile:


which sugar drizzle recipe ?? the top rated sugar drizzle recipe uses 18.5 pct flavoring ,